1. The expansion pack, Phantom Liberty will be out later this year, that's all we know for now. I suspect Pacifica will be finished up in it and we'll be able to finally visit beyond the walled off section and stadium in a completed state.

  2. Same menu issue here with the 'Not-Localized', was able to still enable DLSS and keep it on Quality/Auto settings either way. Didn't realize a mod was causing the problem, and just assumed it was the dlss3 update.

  3. What mod was causing the issue? I'm having this same problem currently, the frame generation can't be ticked on, but I can set super resolution to auto and such

  4. No idea, not even sure it's a mod causing it or not.

  5. Have the same issue, but am able to still enable/disable DLSS and choose Quality or Auto. As far as I know graphics settings are fine. Since it was the DLSS3 patch that broke the menu words, I was just gonna wait for the next patch to fix.

  6. Remember that drum beat synthesizer music that plays when Jack is on the freeway heading to the docks? (You can sometimes hear it in the other seasons as well.) The hallmark of '24' atmosphere is on full display here. It's perfect.

  7. I was thinking the same thing in my recent rewatch, why not just blame Marwan and his mercenaries for the attack and that he was just tying up loose ends? Eventually even that deception would have fallen flat on its face with that horribly unlucky camera capture that literally spells out Jack's future with Howard and his links to CTULA being discovered.

  8. Notice the 'Delos' as the anagram in 'Dolores'? Hehe. You'll love Seasons 3 and 4.

  9. XBOX Series X/S and PS5 and PC only. Start saving for that now so you'll be able to play the Expansion Pack when it arrives.

  10. Dude I'm like 90% completion on like all of the missions including scanners and gigs. I could buy I new console but I'm not starting over. Until this one konks out I'm not swapping 😒

  11. Aye, that's tough. However, the good news is that your save will be fully transferrable to a new setup when it's time! But you may want to do another playthrough eventually anyway, it's that good!

  12. I always say 'Welcome to Pacifica' in Placide's voice, haha.

  13. Paid him asap in all four of my playthroughs. Not sure what happens if you don't pay him.

  14. Nothing happens. You can complete the game and never pay him back, no consequence in game. You just don't get access to his chrome store. Worth it for epic Kiroshi's.

  15. I was hoping he'd call out V not paying him after Meeting Hanako at Embers, as he already seems annoyed at the character during this time, probably would have been the perfect time for it, lol.

  16. Nice writeup! I still rank Season 1 as my favorite of all time, the music is amazing, the atmosphere and immersion cannot be beat. Minus Teri's amnesia, you have perfect pacing throughout.

  17. NPC's should also be able to drive more than just cars. They should be seen being able to get into, drive, and get out of motorcycles, AV's, boat craft, etc.

  18. Very informative. "We are past the halfway point". =O

  19. Indeed! When civilization gets nuked and your about-to-be-a-museum-ship is your only lifeline, and supplies are limited, no one is going to care about neutral washrooms!

  20. It's a disturbing yet interesting story on the first playthrough, but after that sometimes you just want to take them out at the start and get paid by Wakako.

  21. Are you using any kind of load order fixer? I tried spawn0 - LOF - Load Order Fixer last night and it kept coming up with errors. I have noticed a few mods I have installed say enabled and the game works fine they just aren't actually doing anything. So I'm not sure if it's an order issue or if the update just needs time to be adopted.

  22. Nope, just using Vortex as mod installer and using it to notify me if there are updates to any. Before Red4Ext was updated, some of my mods were installed but weren't actually loading, but the game would still load, however once it updated, so far so good since.

  23. I'll check mine this afternoon. I had issues that none of the Atelier stores were working and a few other mods. I think a few need to be updated still.

  24. Yeah I dropped the Atelier Store a while back and just use item codes for now, just to be safe.

  25. Arieth smells like Jan's candle room in NBC's The Office.

  26. I installed mods in between my playthrough 2 & 3 a while back, and I didn't use the Vortex mod manager back then either, until a patch came out and things messed up. Since then I've used Vortex and all has been well for me, usually modders update the major core mods (CET, Redscript, Red4Ext, ArchiveXL, blah blah blah) within a couple days of a new patch release.

  27. Thanks for providing this. Way more than I thought. I only knew of Masse, Hopper, Watson, Itzin, Boothe, Wersching, and Sands (presumed).

  28. I usually watch The Plan just before Daybreak in the Final Season for my rewatches. I probably could start watching it before the final episode of Season 2 though, as I have done so many rewatches of the show now.

  29. Ah very cool! This was where that forest fire engulfed most of the set or something, but they managed to make use of the damage in the show.

  30. It's kinda funny, in first viewing decades ago he was the most annoying conniving scheming character, now with multiple rewatches since, he's just Mr. Nice Gaius who just makes whoppers of mistakes from time to time like letting Cylons into the defense mainframe and handing a Cylon a nuclear bomb.

  31. The first guy played Senator/President David Palmer's son Keith. The last two pictures are of Leighton Meester who played Karen Pendleton, the girlfriend of Behrooz Araz in season 4.

  32. Actually Debbie Pendleton. I believe Karen was the mom, and she had a very tough day on Day 4 as well!

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