1. The uranium is embedded in the glass, as someone mentioned earlier, so there isn’t any change happening that would cause the molecule to lose its fluorescent property. Decay won’t cause it lose any fluorescence either, since it’s a product of the molecule, not the radioactivity. Even if decay were an issue, uranium isotopes are typically in the billions of years range for half-life, so the glow would probably be fine.

  2. Manganese. Best way to check is with a 395 light (it won’t glow under 395 if it’s Manganese).

  3. Aelin could’ve burnt Prythian to ash at the peak of her power. Granted, I imagine a lot of that has to do with the fact that her powers were god-given for a specific purpose- she was essentially bred like a show dog for power. Magic in ACOTAR seems like something inherent to genetics, it’s just there, while in TOG, it seems like a living thing inside of them (like when Aelin and Rowan’s magic were playing with each other). I also think the power discrepancy comes from the purpose of that power. Rhysand/Feyre are just powerful bc that’s their characters. Aelin was powerful for plot, if that makes sense? Like she had to do something with that power and it was a major point of conflict. So I imagine SJM wrote Aelin with butt loads more power bc it worked for the plot.

  4. I think the Valors are going to be the big bads, actually, and that’s why they took the helm off. I saw it as, “okay time to get our revenge on everyone for locking us away go eat some people my boy!”

  5. I’ve been wondering the same thing! It’s frustrating having to wait to get matching sets. It was supposed to be this spring but it got delayed.

  6. Some flea markets/antique malls have smaller spaces for rent on a monthly basis, like just a shelf or two or a small cabinet.

  7. Look, I know myself. I need plumbing, I need wifi, and I need taxis/cars/buses/trains/etc. I got bad knees and ankles, folks, I can’t be walking across Erilea or Prythian like some commoner. Crescent City all the way. Plus, OTTERS.

  8. That’s not block optic also Anchor hocking didn’t mark their depression glass the logo you’re seeing is probably an H with an A in it which is actually Hazel-Atlas not anchor hocking their

  9. Thank you for the correction! But yes, OP, if it’s an HA it’s probably Hazel Atlas. Anchor Hocking, when they did start marking their glass, usually has an anchor or an anchor with an H in the middle.

  10. The custard pieces with the roses: swung vase and ribbon trim (or ribbon edge or something like that) basket, hand painted, probably from Fenton. The tiny shot glass looks like the block optic pattern but the maker could be a range from Anchor Hocking to Jeannette to Who Knows so it’s a toss up for me.

  11. Do you know if it’s uranium or not? That might help narrow it down

  12. When Feyre is escaping Hyberns camp and Tamlin sends that spring wind to help her fly. I'm no fan of Tamlin but that scene had HEART💔 not sure it qualifies as a battle but its a fight scene.


  14. Kingdom of Ash Aelin vs. the broken dam and Elide looking for Lorcan at the same time. It gives me chills.

  15. Maybe it’s the base of something that would have a lid that fits over that smaller lip? And the base is the smaller cup? Honestly, this gives me fairy lamp vibes where you put a votive on it and the. Cover it with a missing lid.

  16. I used to rely on libraries when I couldn’t afford my book hobby, and now that I can afford to support my faves, I try to. I think there’s a balance here that a lot of us probably recognize but doesn’t actually come out in some of the no-buy posts. I buy my faves (preorders are such a boost for newer authors- it’s tragic but that’s all I can do to support for now), and then I have a tbr list of books that just weren’t It enough for me to warrant the full purchase. So I’ll either check it out at the library if I have some time or I’ll wait for it to magically appear at the thrift store/used bookstore/etc. Every now and then, I’ll clear out some of my books by donating to local shops or trading on Reddit/FB. It’s the circle of life 🥲

  17. It’s like watching the vampire diaries/supernatural/any CW show reruns for me. The emotional reactions are predictable now and I know what I’m getting when I read SJM. It’s like going for a run but for my emotions lol I get the whole range of emotions without any of the personal issues/trauma.

  18. The Raven Boys would be an amazing CW show I feel like. Something along the lines of TVD.

  19. With the most recent CW shows, I don’t have much faith in them if they were going to do the raven boys.

  20. Oof I haven’t watched CW since supernatural ended so I’ll take your word for it that’s tragic

  21. Blue uranium glass is my favorite! I found some pink once but the glass item itself just wasn’t worth it for me. Maybe one day I’ll find a pink uranium owl

  22. It’s brutal. All that hope we see build up and then poof prison time.

  23. Outside of Twilight/Midnight Sun, have any other authors actually done the alternate perspective book?

  24. 50 Shades of Grey did it, if that’s your speed lolll

  25. I’ve always seen it as Elias being a teenage boy realizing Hormones and also realizing Helene’s own feelings for him, but even beyond that typical teenage experience, Helene is quite literally everything Elias thinks he wants to be. She’s the star pupil at the school but she’s still an individual, despite the mask that is firmly on her face. He sees in her everything he wants to be and he admires her because he thinks she’s also a good person on top of that. Plus, she’s objectively hot and the only Martial girl around that isn’t his mom. So I see it as him considering it as a Valid and definitely not unpleasant option while he’s on the fence of where his own morality and future lies. You can see the shift in this love triangle towards Laia at the same time you see his shift in realizing where he stands in terms of Martials and rebellion.

  26. The Scholomance series is very much grumpy/tough girl / sunshine boy (he’s not super sunshine tbh but he is very much the foil to our MC girl)

  27. Is there some yellow at the ends too? I can’t tell but if so, then it’s an amberina swung vase. Sometimes made with cadmium glass, so it’ll glow orange/yellow under a blacklight.

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