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Scientists found avoiding meat and dairy products is the 'single biggest way' to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. Global farmland use could be reduced by more than 75% – an area equivalent to the US, China, EU and Australia combined – and still feed the world. [2018]

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mask mandates

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  1. how can i disabled the double click? i see no disable option so far

  2. Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay > double click side button ( right under any payment cards you may have )

  3. Saw the other thread just before yours; I hated how slow it was to lock with that enabled when I first came back to iPhone so I know the struggle. Glad to have helped :)

  4. If anybody wants to win, run with this bad boy but make it actually look good....


  6. The folding at home database has been having some issues since yesterday so it’s probably related to that. My folding web control isn’t even showing points ATM

  7. You're the real MVP here spreading awareness and sharing with the group. Thanks for my first tip! :)

  8. Well initially it went really slow, I just had two laptops - a relatively new MacBook from work, and my old MacBook running. But I made myself a new gaming PC recently and when I'm not gaming I'm basically folding 24/7. With my previous setup (that I sold because I thought I would be able to buy a new GPU soon anyway.. Boy was I wrong) it took me about a month to get 100 mil. It had a 2080Ti. Currently I have a 3080 working 24/7, but it changes a lot.. Between 1 and 10 mil points per day, depending on availability is my guesstimate but I'm not sure..

  9. Tried this so many times before this post and and as well. It also doesn’t show up for me.

  10. “safely make these vaccines” —the first mRNA vaccines approved for use.

  11. The comments. So much whataboutism. "but what about corporations and unnecessary packaging?" - k, so stop eating meat and stop buying from corporations that use excessive packaging.

  12. I sincerely agree with the “stop having kids” argument fully aware of the consequences, but understand people in that thread are using it in bad faith. Why do humans need to exist?

  13. If your plan is to genocide the human race, the moral thing to do would be to go vegan while you do it. ❤

  14. “Let’s not eliminate any evils as there will still be more evil to eliminate”

  15. it's really not as hard as it seems. If you end up in the hospital you are officially dumb or/and don't know how to cook and plan basic meals. I jumped the boat instantly and adjusted with more legumes etc.. I do sports regularly and donate platelets, routine tests when donating come back as perfect. As long as you don't eat stupid meals and listen to your body it'll go smoothly. You just gotta eat beans, lentils with some nooch if you are fancy and it'll substitute meat alright. Millions of people are vegan with little to no research, the guys who end up in the hospital are bottom of the barrel westerners who don't know how food works.

  16. Use the T-Mobile eSIM app and sign up for the Connect plan for $15 (scroll on the plan page, it's not obvious). It's the same priority as postpaid, but 2.5GB of data.

  17. When there’s clearly room to fit it all (on bigger phones at least) too!

  18. Most super cars and high performance cars have a disc brake dual caliper setup in the rear, some in the front but mostly in the rear. The smaller caliper you see is the E-brake, or handbrake, whichever you call it.

  19. All of the LEOs I know are pro bodycam. The only hangups I have ever heard them talk about are for the privacy of people having some of the worst days of their life.

  20. A lot of cities enforce that they must be turned on when action is being taken but not while having a normal conversation with your partner in the patrol vehicle. It varies by city and department.

  21. I certainly wouldn’t want my whole work day recorded , but I guess that’s seemingly the better of the two options kinda when it comes to saving your ass and your department from a big lawsuit. Do you know if the tapes are just saved into storage and not reviewed unless there is a complaint/issue from that shift?

  22. You’ve clearly hurt egos with this post of those who only understand this game at a surface level and think with their emotions. If you took it to the corner and left the goal unattended with a 2 v 1, there’s a good chance of a goal against you; a 50 will most likely end up going in front of the goal by hitting the wall, corner, or going directly there. You took the safe play accounting for your teammates disregard for defense and pinched it to a location that would be difficult for the striking opponent to make a clean shot, slight mis-touch on your part but nobody is perfect and that’s not taking into account that the initial strike by the opponent was a REALLY GOOD TOUCH to put you into a bad place. You acknowledged your mistake and rushed into position to cover for it, being smart to conserve boost because it’s STILL a 2-1 as your teammate felt that risking that stupid touch and floating to the other end of the map was a good play while it doesn’t even appear they hit their boost until they have the chance to go on offense. The only critique possible would come from being able to see what happened the few seconds leading up to the beginning of this replay to see why you were where you were to begin with. Your teammate is not good at being a teammate in this clip and you covered very well for their poor decisions.

  23. Soooo that was sarcasm that just completely flew over my head? My bad. Poe’s law is strong on this subject.

  24. Figured spelling out “exclamation point” would have sufficed, my bad. I’ve seen it a few times and had a good laugh at how technically the truth it is after being as super angry at how stupid it is

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