1. Not pictured: Slovenia, also sitting comfortably in a chair.

  2. Hi guys! Hope you're all doing well. I have a question that's been bugging me.

  3. We need to make an AMA with Wild Youth here and let them know we support them! 🇮🇪 ❤️

  4. When the artists have a sense of humor, they get some extra points from me for sure!

  5. Omg I love it here. I was on awful Facebook groups for years with some really toxic opinions. I feel like we can disagree on here and still be civil

  6. Do you mean the Facebook group like "Eurovision Fans"? I only stayed there for a few days. 😅

  7. He came to Barcelona yesterday. This pic was taken on friday before their live performance.

  8. Mimicat was calling the crowd and plain silence. Who are these people?

  9. For those who want to watch live performances of the artists, I recommend visiting the YouTube channel "WiwiBloggs" as the video quality is better (sound).

  10. Views are a sum of ESC NF videos, official music videos, ESC MVs, national TVs NF videos and official lyrics videos, also unofficial lyrics videos if they are significant enough (All from YouTube). Population number is taken from Worldometer as of March 24th and 25th of 2023.

  11. I just hope that the audio (which the performers deserve) and the audience at the upcoming events will be better.

  12. This performance was not good because of the sound mixing, Joker Out are good performers

  13. There are many reports she was sick. A cold or something.

  14. If she was sick, in my opinion, it would have been better for her not to perform...I dunno 😕

  15. Regardless of the circumstances, Latvia, Slovenia, Georgia, Spain, Iceland, Belgium and Portugal were performing very well. (Also Ruslana 🔥)

  16. Considering Iru speaks English fluently and she's co-credited as composer and lyricist, the vague-sounding lyrics and unclear enunciation strike me as highly intentional, as those are supposed to resemble the echo effect.

  17. Maybe the lyrics of the song are just an "echo" of the actual text! 👁️👄👁️

  18. Which would primarily explain countries with big populations having inflated numbers

  19. How would you explain Slovenia's score on My Eurovision Score Board then? 😅 Not many Slovenians are there to vote for themselves. 🥲

  20. A lot of people genuinely like Slayvenia, myself included. It’s my overall 10pts out of the 37 songs and I will vote for them in SF2.

  21. Hmm, tudi Laibachov ne in tega komada, o katerem je nekaj časa nazaj govorila cela Slovenija? Pa pesmi, ki bo letos zastopala Evrovizijo tudi ne? Povsod jo vrtijo bi rekla skor. 🙂

  22. Še malo, pa se bo spet treba spomnit, kako uro na mikrovalovni prestavit..

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