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  1. He "rebalanced" him but didn't understand how the modified mechanics from the rebalance might have overtuned him in other aspects than before

  2. Find parking lots tow management company. Call tow management. Proceed to tow

  3. He fuckin went straight for em too, she shot him down on some shit and he straight up chose violence and went straight to the heart

  4. Being good and being a pushover aren't the same thing, my friend.

  5. At least this one didn't wind up in a massive wildfire during fire season like a few of the last ones

  6. Americans and their flags, you guys just can’t seem to get enough of them, all kinds of variations, colours, symbols. It’s like a big flag loving family…..of flags.

  7. I mean, if you're flying a plane off a carrier, you're gonna be awful close to other buildings for no other better description

  8. I've heard similar stories. I feel like it should be treated as a mental illness or something and actually help them recover (for lack of a better word).

  9. Just like you can't conversion therapy the gay out of someone, you can't conversion therapy the pedophilia out, either

  10. It's not about the "one black position" it's about having race as a requirement of a position irrelevant to what that race is.

  11. You sound like you should take this up with UCalgary bc the publicly available statistics THEY have for THEIR school reflect that they are not meeting population parity 🙂

  12. Racial parity as a goal is the definition of racism; if the goal is to keep the races equal to their population percentage, that is racial discrimination. You've capped the percentage of people of every color based on color and therefore have to diecriminate against every race once you reach their distribution cap.

  13. Leave it to Canada to have sensible labels. I’m from the US though.

  14. I'm also from the US; all my labels have always said, "Do not drive or operate heavy machinery." It's also listed on the 2 page printout for the prescriptions I get with every refill.

  15. Don't listen, gents. This haux just wants you to be an NPC when you're supposed to be a main character.

  16. What do you mean? It was the Mongols that brought gunpowder to Europe and they themselves employed gunpowder-based weaponry in combat.

  17. That doesn't make them the best users of gunpowder or make their weapons the best weapons to be based on gunpowder

  18. And then they literally forgot to include the US

  19. It was the Romans who set up the system. Everything west of Rome was occidental or "the west" and everything east of Rome was oriental or "the east."

  20. Considering we live on a sphere that makes more sense than you think

  21. To be fair, when operating at super sonic speeds, those blades could be dull as an mf, it'll still turn you into human jelly

  22. But here is the real question: Did the US need the plane, or did the US need the research & testing?

  23. Yeah, the F-35b is really a great option for dispersment and the capability of taking off from non-conventional locations because of its STOVL system (short takeoff vertical Landing); the plane can basically Land anywhere and take off from incredibly short distances (relative to a standard jet, and even its a & c counterparts) through the combined use of a lift fan and its variable angle jet engine which can be angled more toward the ground to assist in generating lift on a short runway.

  24. Freedom until the point that he or she dies, which is nothing more than an execution over a period of time, irrelevant to whether their life ends 30 minutes or 30 years later

  25. That is the critical difference between the concepts that makes one a death of natural causes and an execution. You handwaving X years does not make them disappear David Blaine.

  26. This is just delusional thinking. You're whether you're forced to walk around between some concrete and metal walls for 50 years or you're being put ro sleep never to wake up, you're still being killed by the state. Nothing about your death is a natural cause or circumstance 🤷‍♂️

  27. They used this on me yesterday before my surgery and it still took them 3 tries, then that vein stopped working so it took them 3 more tries to get another IV started. Of course, they ended up in the vein I told them to use in the first place.

  28. I fuckin hate it when they don't listen when i tell them exactly where they will find the spot theyre going to be looking for, as if I haven't been stabbed in the exact same spot for like 20 years now

  29. Yes, your statement is also correct, given that

  30. Numbers are fucky like that. Especially when you start getting to infinitely defined numbers.

  31. Here is the thing about "hyper advanced civilization." we also don't have any way to know where we rank on the hierarchy of that.

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