1. I agree! I enjoyed this year the most. The crowds didn't seem as crazy as years past.

  2. Are you going to the cincy show?? I’ll be at night 1, and would love to give you some bracelets at the show!!

  3. Yes!! I’ll be at night 1 and night 2! That would be awesome thank you so much!!

  4. AHH what section?? i’ll be 114. i’m so excited!! i’ve been wanting to find some stoner swifties that’ll be at cincy!!

  5. All creatures animal hospital is located in Anderson and Amelia. I highly recommend them! Dr. Meekin is great!

  6. Gag order - Kesha has been on repeat since it was released. It’s very raw and overall a great album.

  7. does anyone know how to get in on a presale???

  8. Does anyone have info about presale? I can’t find any link to register

  9. I don’t want to scare you, but think hard about having that surgery. I had two arthroscopic surgeries on my TM joints because my jaw was locked shut. They’re operating up near the trigeminal nerve, so just the arthroscopic procedures nearly killed me. I don’t know if it’s still true, but back then the suicide rate is high for that procedure. Do a lot of reading about it before going forward, especially given your age. It you need it, you need it, but go into it with informed consent.

  10. Thank you. Yeah I’ve had two surgeries already on my jaw. They aren’t fun for sure. Thank you for sharing your experience I will have to get the surgery eventually I have put in a lot of research which is why I have to travel for it. The doctor is the best at it and they are very limited in the USA as far as treatments go. Thanks again 😊

  11. Lmao. There is a Taco Bell right down the road in Norwood?

  12. This makes me so mad. People are seriously the worst. I am sorry 😞

  13. The gyro was clutch yesterday very good. And arepas from the arepas place in Findlay market section was really good.

  14. I went tonight and was pleasantly surprised. Glad you enjoyed it as well!

  15. Fucking same. God I wish I couldn’t relate but I do. Sending hugs. 🫤

  16. I just love Sotto so much i struggle to pay Sotto prices anywhere else. I’d rather just go to Sotto or precinct.

  17. It’s every Christmas! The whole store. It’s nuts. Also Easter !!

  18. It’s so crazy. People need help. Stop she isn’t a zoo animal.

  19. I don’t know probably because they are 16 !!!! Tf ? Duh

  20. Some people get Botox injections in their feet to make wearing heels for long periods of time less painful! Not saying she has, but a possibility.

  21. I love debut but I feel like it’s always last that’s not a bad thing it’s last for me too! Only because Taylor gets better at everything

  22. Im somewhat familiar of coming off the bridge to by the practice dome, what would be the best place to stand outside

  23. I’m trying to find the post from the girl who works for Paycor and I’ll post it for you !

  24. I’m 30. I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at 2 years old. It has greatly impacted all my joints but the ones that are really bad are is my jaw, I can’t open my mouth wide at all. I’m supposed to have the tmj joint replaced but it’s so expensive the thing has been made but the travel to the hospital it’s at Vanderbilt and the stay worries me in regards to money. But it’s very painful. Anyway also my knees always hurt and my wrists are in pain as well.

  25. All of them. I started with Debut and I am still that girly.

  26. This sounds like so much fun!!! i am jealous lol have sooooooo much fun!

  27. Not at all. Florida is doing a lot of good for parental rights and the protection of children. To be upset with that is concerning.

  28. No. You are actually deranged if you truly believe that Florida is doing good things for children right now. Truly on another planet.

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