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  1. (Edit: obviously Reddit is going to brigade any statements that are unfavorable towards Biden. Every statement I made is accurate. Biden did do these things, and the market did react accordingly as a result. Notice how not a single response argues the validity of what I said, but rather is an insult at me for having said it.)

  2. Uhhh, someone missed the memo that the dollar is super strong right now. That invalidates both of your arguments. Also, drilling rights aren't the issue, it's refinery capacity that's the bottleneck.

  3. I have a 65" B7A from 2017 and there are zero issues still. I think you just got a bad break or you had more static images than you remember. I guess the other possibility would be if you normally left the OLED light at 100. Cinema home and technicolor settings are usually around 30, but vivid and some other settings will keep it at 80-100.

  4. This was the craziest last 2 minutes plus OT that I've seen in a long time.

  5. Since the Bills and Chiefs last year. Great time, but also a bad time, to be a Bills fan.

  6. Either there are the occasional duds that find their way into the wild or people have wildly different usage patterns than me. I had the original pixel and now the pixel 4 XL. The 4XL is 3 years old and I still don't have to charge it during the day. It gets me from the morning until bedtime, sometimes longer if I'm on night shift. I do a fair amount of checking email, Reddit, and the stock market at least every hour. I don't normally keep my location on, but other than that I don't tinker with any of the settings or forcibly close any apps. The Google adaptive battery just does its thing.

  7. Yup, the housing market is just now starting to roll it’s going to be a bloodbath.

  8. The bottom of the GFC was in March 2009. The bottom of the real estate crash wasn't until 3 years later in 2012. By no means am I saying history will repeat itself, but it's a reminder that stocks don't always follow other general economic indicators.

  9. Global financial crisis, the name given to the crash starting in 2007. Similar to how the dot com bubble was given a name.

  10. A lot of us understand what you’re saying, but we are talking about the fact that they don’t know what it’s like to hire a sitter and order food for the sitter and kids, drive 30 min away to pay for jacked up tickets, for flat pop, stale popcorn and cold nachos, walk on varying degrees of sticky floors, sit through 30+ minutes of ads (not previews), and then go home.

  11. This 100%. By the time you've paid for a baby sitter, food, and the movie you're talking a minimum of 100 dollars. I can pay for an entire year of streaming for that.

  12. The narrative hasn't changed. Check the housing market for signs of what's to come. Imo, this isn't sustainable. And inflation appears to be accelerating in the EU

  13. GFC market bottom was March 2009. Real estate bottomed in 2011-2012. Stocks and housing are on different timelines. I'm not saying we go up from here by any means, but can't really tie those two together to prove we're going down.

  14. I had a Pixel 6 Pro and a Pixel 6a and the Pixel 7 Pro has much improved battery life. I can get a full day out of it now.

  15. Seriously, how much time are people spending on their phone? I still get through a day with my Pixel 4 XL only charging it at night.

  16. I literally have never seen food prices drop, ever. Let alone by a whopping 30%. When's the last time someone said "Woah, this $5 box of cereal used to be $10!"?

  17. A gallon of milk is $2.96 at our Walmart. It had gone up in price and it's been back down for months now. I'm assuming some people have paid at least $3.84 a gallon (30% increase) in the last couple months. That's just one example of a staple food/drink that fluctuates a lot.

  18. I charge my phone every night, as long as I'm able to use it until about 10, I don't see much of a problem. I usually have 40% each night, so I can't imagine it'll be a huge difference.

  19. I think this is the key. Once batteries get to a certain size does it really matter anymore? I could maybe see a difference between 24 hours and 48 hours, but anything in between there will require a charge that night or the next morning. Batteries will degrade over time, but if you go from 30 hours down to 20 hours, you're still fine unless you're pulling 24-hour shifts at work.

  20. Virtually any phone made in the last couple years will get you to bedtime unless you use it obsessively and have 6+ hours of screentime per day.

  21. My 4XL from 2019 still gets me through the day. I charge it every night except on rare occasions where I'll charge it the next morning, but I still think it's finally time to upgrade.

  22. I mean here in Iowa we had an inland derecho a few years ago and I was without power for almost a month. Luckily, nothing flooded. I can only imagine no power PLUS flooding and how it would be so much harder to fix.

  23. Sorry for the long comment but it feels good at a time like this to reflect. I'm originally from an area with derechos and thunderstorms and newly moved to Florida so this one hit home. There were communities with almost nothing left standing from Michael. We evacuated my family members from there 1-2 days before it hit. We had to rely on satellite footage to see if their house was still there afterward because the surrounding areas were inaccessible for days. Recovery was hard because you didn't even know where to start. Literally walls of the house missing, holes in the roof, blown out windows. We were lucky the house was there. The house immediately behind them, literally on the other side of the fence, gone. Splintered wood debris and rubble. Patching stuff up just to keep it away from the Florida humidity. Thankfully it was October so it wasn't quite as bad as August. But even every street sign was gone. Their old development still has 4 foot stop signs because they haven't been able to replace them with regular street signs yet. Every tree over 15-20 feet had the rest of it missing. It's really indescribable the destruction. Huge trees just gone. Driving down the street and nothing above 2 stories in your line of sight. When you think of a hurricane you can kind of imagine the destruction of houses and things people make because we see movies. However, driving through the area with even the natural landscape erased was mortifying and demoralizing. If you drive along I-10 which is inland you can still see the path the eye wall took because the pine trees there all got knocked down too. Hurricane Michael still scares me. I live in a different part of Florida and will not be staying if I'm in the cone of a hurricane landfall. Hurricane Michael went from a swirl of almost nothing (tropical depression) to a Cat 5 in 3 days! That's 35mph to 160mph in 3 days. Insanity! You just never know.

  24. Not bankrupt but I strongly think Meta is on a strong downward trajectory, outdated product and Tiktok is just too fast

  25. A company that has more profit than most companies have in revenue or in market cap and somehow meta appears on a post about bankruptcy. I know you said not bankruptcy and just downward trajectory, but this is definitely not the post for more meta hate. Their billions of dollars are doing just fine. Their stock price and PE ratio has accounted for their downward trajectory of growth, but let's not confuse less growth with losing money. They are still positive many billions with little to no debt. They have enough cash on hand to straight up buy 90% of the companies out there.

  26. It was an experience, man. After the eyewall blew everything over on one side, I went outside to take a look around. The sky was a dim orange, and the horizon was dark in every direction. My house and property were in shockingly good shape.

  27. My MIL lived on the other side of the bay from Tyndall when Michael hit. If you still live in the area I hope life has treated you well since then. I know the area still hasn't recovered.

  28. This map is wrong - Hurricane Michael. That was a category 5 storm and close to home for our family. I didn't fact check any others but I'd imagine it's missing more if one of the few category 5 hurricane landfalls wasn't on there.

  29. I actually ended up going with aluminum (not the steel quotes) from company B because we're close to the ocean. Didn't want to deal with the possibility of rust. Got white aluminum to decrease heat absorption. Final cost was $31,800 which I still considered a great deal given the shape and size of our roof. I'm really happen with the final result. The color goes great by the beach and hopefully it's helping with heating/cooling costs. We also got solar panels so that'll decrease heat on the roof and the surrounding cooler roof should help negate some of the heat inefficiency (minor help but still adds up). Didn't want to have to deal with a shingle reroof with solar panels down the line, and didn't want penetrations through the roof so the standing seam was key.

  30. I have a 65" LG B7A OLED from 2017. I'm going to upgrade to a 77" C2 later this year (nothing is wrong with it I just want the larger size). My couch is 14 feet away and despite being in Florida and in a room with multiple large windows, the TV is bright enough. And damnit, night time viewing is so freaking amazing I won't ever go back. Unless you have a decent size room to benefit from a large projector screen that's going to be in a darker room and optimized with darker walls and a ceiling then I can't imagine not getting an OLED

  31. When was the last time anyone ever enjoyed shopping at Costco? In LA area, it’s just terrible. If there was an alternative with same prices online I would do that instead. Costco online/app is crap compared to Amazon.

  32. I enjoy my Costco experience. I always enter the store with a couple things in mind but know that somehow I'll leave spending at least $300 every. damn. time. But hey, I'm happy about it and I'm sure they are too.

  33. Go with a smaller panel size & get more panels.

  34. There's probably not enough roof space for more panels unless they're much smaller according to that rough diagram.

  35. Not to beat a dead horse but was that right after putting them on? New tires usually get worse mileage. I'm curious if it was still that much worse after a couple thousand miles or if maybe it went back to the upper 40s. I don't see ratings on any site that take into account efficiency in comparisons so it's so hard to determine what's going to be good or not. Full disclosure, I have a different car, a 2019 Honda Accord hybrid and haven't had issues with the energy savers except for the past year once I had 40-55k miles on them. They'll spin pulling out if I need to get into a lane faster, and some squealing around certain turns. But those episodes aren't common and I attribute that to being toward the end of their lifespan. I've gotten 48mpg except for some longer more mountainous drives so it's been nice. But the heavy Florida downpours have me leaning toward something with more grip. It seems like people have had the mpg cut with Bridgestone Quiet track tires too, but maybe not as severe as the CC2.

  36. Thanks for replying 8 months later. Part of me thinks that most tires these days are all so much better than what used to be out there that It probably doesn't matter a ton for me who drives the speed limit, maximizing efficiency, and no winter driving. But that extra grip and stopping distance would certainly come in handy in certain situations. Hope you're doing well and maybe your reply will help someone else when they search the same haha

  37. The economy and the stock market are 2 different things. A great example is the GFC. The bottom of the market was March 2009 but the bottom of the housing market wasn't for years later and if you asked anyone in 2010 what the economy was like very few thought it was in great shape at that point in time.

  38. I've never heard of Bosch for HVAC. Mostly Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, etc. I'm not in HVAC, I'm just a regular old home owner. I'll likely need to replace my heat pump indoor and outdoor unit in the near future. It sounds like you highly recommend them for regular homes? Or are you mostly referring to commercial usage.

  39. 16K gallon in ground with SWG. I buy a gallon of acid every two months. That’s it

  40. Location? I feel like you don't have the Florida sun beating down on your non enclosed pool. If you do then teach me your magic. Weeks of no rain with full sunlight, then 5 inches in a 2 day span, repeat.

  41. I live near there too but am away this week. Terrible timing for me. I planned on rocking the 4XL until the 7 comes out but for $260 I probably would've upgraded and then keep that for 2-4 years.

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