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  1. I use this decal all the time. I have a titanium white version

  2. Tried to join one of these once, thought it was fun until I got told to leave and off myself

  3. Whats up with the last pic? Is there a joke im missing?

  4. I got mine with forzathon points but I'd have been just as happy to spend max on it. Great car.

  5. I had some cars laying around the garage that I never used so it didn’t hurt my wallet

  6. It’s ashame Toyota has embraced a performance car on this platform. The Yaris GR is so cool but they are making such limited numbers

  7. I saw him and thought he looked like a little cream puff. Once we got him home he was just rolling around a bunch and my roommate said he’s a rolley polley, which made my mind think rolley polley cannoli which is just another name for a cream puff lol

  8. Bro they use salts that are in the liquid already if the liquid dont freeze up then nothing does tf u talkin bout

  9. I’ve frozen my pods by accident before. Don’t see why y’all are upset I’m giving a word of caution

  10. 7 days to die is absolutely the biggest piece of garbage on game pass. Idek why they bothered putting that outdated build on console gives it such a bad look.

  11. The overhaul is being worked on, still a good game

  12. Is it really? Been awhile since I´ve heard any news about it. One friend gifted to me and Its fun.

  13. April 26 2022 they announced they are working on a new version for console. I’m sure it may take time but it’ll be worth the wait imo

  14. I was saying the same thing until it started happening to me

  15. Is it becoming more difficult to find a place to get your vehicle tuned with cat-less headers?

  16. I should send this to my probe-meister. He has 20 of them, 2 running. One stock for daily driving, the other turbo for the fun times

  17. How are you liking the mod? Thinking of getting one myself

  18. Airbag deployment means the vehicle is totaled as far as I’m aware

  19. Throw a 12A in there with ITBs, lightweight rotors, balanced rotors, and an aggressive street port and you’ve got a deal

  20. My old Impala used to look like this. I absolutely loved that little trooper but she quite literally fell apart while I was driving

  21. My local shop gives me 15% off for devices, 20% for juices. I love that place so much, only place I’ll go

  22. Man I miss my cavalier so much. She was a damn trooper, seeing this just upsets me

  23. My solution when I tried the 13 Mini was just carry the MagSafe battery pack on me. I got tired of that and just went to the exact opposite with the 13 Pro Max

  24. A joke that’s been going on for years, not just on Reddit

  25. I’m not particularly a fan of cross platform being forced in tournaments

  26. I mean can you blame him? That shift knob in dumbass spot!

  27. If you think that’s bad, you should see where they put them in Honda’s EP3s. I will never understand why they did it

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