1. I know this is old but any regrets at this point with your purchase? I’m in your situation now.

  2. None at all. Looking back on it, I would never get anything else. It’s exactly what I needed and gets me baked af. Hits are amazing, temps are consistent, it’s durable, and battery life is pretty decent. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have pass through charging, but that’s really not that big of an issue. The core is 100% the way to go imo, but either way I’m sure you’ll be happy with your purchase.

  3. Dude the browns have a cute nickname for Burrow? He’s like 1-5 vs Cleveland

  4. The best damn sleep you'll ever get. I didn't think weed hangovers were real until I started using rso. Waking up still stoned is great though as long as you don't have to work that day.

  5. I’m in the pocket like Burrow when I get home they treat me like Robert De Nirooooo

  6. Used to love klutch but they failed to address their QC issues and failed to notify their patients… cant buy it again..

  7. Idk but I do know it’s not hummus. I love hummus and clearly, this is not hummus.

  8. Hey dude, I’m new to concentrates would you say this consistency can be combined with flower? I was thinking of trying this and running it with flower through my vape. Thanks

  9. Great review I have been wanting to get my hands on this but only seen half's of smalls around me def no select yet. I might have to grab some tho looks super awesome and the flavor you described right up my alley.

  10. Looks amazing.. I just bought some RPO Select the other day, which is pretty good. I'm gonna have to try this one next..

  11. Nice! I wanted to try the rpo but none in stock at the time when I was picking up.

  12. Appreciate you sharing this. I was on the fence as to try the smalls or not for $48 but the terp % and dryness seem to make me not want to buy.

  13. Their website needs updated. Not sure if the strains listed are still being grown and it's missing some. The only one still listed is Cherry Star.

  14. Yep exactly. I would assume they’d have more people checking them out if they at least updated their site or had any information at the dispensary on what their strain genetics are.

  15. Here's to hoping they keep improving. They definitely need to rework their website and provide details on their strains. Buckeye Relief's website is incredibly helpful I wish they were all that nice.

  16. We're on a heater but I just want to remind everybody to BE SMART. Hockey is a high variance sport and anything can happen, so keep your units consistent and DO NOT GET GREEDY. With that being said let's just have a day 🫡

  17. Canes have so many shooters. I can’t ever catch Necas at 2.5 sog anymore haha

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