[Postgame Thread] Michigan Defeats Ohio State 45-23

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  1. Put a headset on outside of his helmet and he's already better than Joe Woods.

  2. Looks great, those raspberries will go bad in 30 seconds after opening if you’ve my luck.

  3. Imagine you’re Ohio State. You hype up a revenge game in Columbus for a whole year. You retool your entire defensive staff to focus on stopping Michigan. And Michigan loses their Heisman caliber running back for The Game. And none of that ends up mattering as you somehow lose by a bigger margin than last year.

  4. I’ll take a full plate with a side of W any day.

  5. I’m serving drippy Dean dressing, Mobley mashed potatoes and busting out and aged 2016 bottle of victory champagne.

  6. V3 that changeable battery will be good if you plan on keeping it a while. My potv battery died about 18 months in. The v3 offers better flavor, similar heat up time, works well through a bong and is easy to clean (even easier with dosing caps)

  7. “well they’re not gonna fire Joe Woods mid season because who are you going to hire that will make a difference” WHO CARES. JUST GET HIM THE FUCK OUT

  8. I’ll call plays drunk every Sunday and still perform better than this turd

  9. Fire Kevin Fire Joe Trade Myles and CHUBBBB .. we don’t deserve them. Let’s not give them the Joe Thomas treatment.

  10. “We are the boys of summer, and it's a big bummer. No matter who we play, we give the game away. 'Cause we can't win. That would be a sin. We even lose the games before they begin”

  11. Heavy hitters Indica. Will put you to sleep. Pics posted already. 9/10.

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