1. Nice redear sunfish! and yep, them shell crackers love to nom nom on night crawlers

  2. If you look this up at all, they don’t do it to dye their hair. It’s because urine has antibacterial properties and they use it to keep infection away.

  3. The last time I posted this, I mentioned that. I got called “being a jackass” for spreading misinformation from a CNN article and that it was primarily for dyeing their hair orange

  4. Why are ppl so dumb? The orange hair is a side effect of the ammonia in urine. You aren’t a jackass and it’s scientifically known that urine is antibacterial/sterile. Thanks for sharing the video.

  5. Lol didn’t he said before that he enjoyed Romania and that it was easier to escape rape charges there?

  6. Candace owens is literally Samuel L Jacksons character from Django

  7. God I hated that character, Stephen. One hell of a bootlicker of an Uncle Tom. Candance truly gives off Stephen vibes

  8. OP, I’m waiting for the update that you will transform into this mofo

  9. 1.) Langson library basement (FYI there’s a good chance Petr the ghost will come by and sit down with you to give a ghastly, chilly hug tho)

  10. Obesity is a medical term that describes of being morbidly overweight and very likely having serious medical issues.

  11. After hearing about the whole blond-haired UTC creepster and other similar encounters last year, I’ve been keeping an eye out for any sketchy characters on campus. Be mindful of your surroundings and how men approach you and what they say about themselves. Take care and stay safe!

  12. It is not standard protocol to turn phones before take off. It is standard protocol to set them on airplane mode. If they asked her to shut it off then they’re in the wrong. Anyways she’s kind of a b****.

  13. I meant to put “turn off the phone call”, but I accidentally left out the word “call”. I really wish Reddit allows you to edit the title of your posts is you make a mistake 😭

  14. Absolutely FUCk this comments section. You fucking morons how many of you have been forced to turn your phone off before a plane ride?? Airplane mode maybe but this is fucking racial profiling

  15. Again, I want to clarify, I meant to “turn off her phone call” (she was on a phone call before she started video taping), but I accidentally left out the word “call” in the title. I wish I can edit the title after submission on Reddit.

  16. Fucked up as what the infant’s dad did for internet clout…

  17. I don’t mind an X wing remake, especially when it’s based on Luke’s Red Five X wing. A lot of kids grew up (and still do to this day) admiring and wanting to have a collectible LEGO X wing based on red five X wing.

  18. I’ve literally never had anyone tell me to turn my phone off on a plane. Weird.

  19. I meant to say “turn off the phone CALL”, but I accidentally left that out of the title

  20. NOTE: when I meant to turn off her phone, I meant TURN OFF THE PHONE CALL (my bad for not clarifying)

  21. Meeting up at Barnes and Nobles and building a LEGO set there while sipping some coffee and getting to know each other.

  22. 1.) Take out the first part and you’ve got a totally different narrative.

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