1. Find a mossy rock in a dark forest and they'll probably be under there.

  2. Depends on your direct supervisor and how much they like/dislike you. If they don't care for you I'd bet on it.

  3. I had a lump on my testicle and it no shit took me two months to get into a specialist and I have "good insurance"

  4. Dirty Work and Joe Dirt were on constant rotation.

  5. Fed benefits are designed to be middle of the road milquetoast in quality. It's not that fed benefits are spectacular it's that the private sector has cut benefits to nothing because they can.

  6. I have the soundtrack. I throw it on from time to time.

  7. I played this as a kid and got nowhere. I would be interested to play again as an adult.

  8. Cersei isn't that bright of a character. Bold and caniving yes but the type of bold and caniving that is being born rich and good looking.

  9. Yes. You could get fired for not obtaining permission more than likely.

  10. I'd be careful how you phrase your request because right now it sounds like you're asking to telework so you can take your partner to appointments on the clock.

  11. My favorite part of people working from home is when their kids are screaming in the background or the tv is blaring. Doesn’t happen when people are in the office and you call them or can have the conversation in person.

  12. I'm surprised you even got them to answer the phone.

  13. What ever happened to them? Like if you still had one would it still work?

  14. Ehh, I can see the amount of active bandits be much higher there because it pays off to camp out and rob people because there’s actual traffic

  15. Wealthy rich lands means wealthy rich lords with lots of security in the area. Bandits are bad for business and if lords can't provide protection they aren't held in much regard.

  16. Long distances, poor population, targeted banditry isn’t worth it

  17. In the books there really isn't any mention of The Reach having problems of the sort so I guess that would be speculation. The Crownlands has the Kingswood Outlaws, the Riverlands has tons of broken men, rogue soldiers etc, the North and Westerlands has Ironborn Reavers and Wildling raiders (North specifically). The Reach is always described as fertile, wealthy and two great cities; one of which is the home to the Maesters and another that is the seat of the High Septon.

  18. Show up with a case of soda water to everything.

  19. I wouldn't touch anything supervisory for less than a 12.

  20. I'll just pad my salary with boxes of clicky pens and paperclips until then.

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