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  1. Maybe we can use some of the marketing funds sitting in the donation bin for this?

  2. Pretty sure the marketing fund was donated to charity.

  3. As somebody who lost out on avatars worth hundreds due to botting. I don't see a problem if API changes stop them.

  4. imho, those stupid pseudo-NFT avatars have been among the stupidest decisions the admins have made in recent history. Enabling shitcoin scammers by hustling what are essentially worthless unregistered securities is really stupid.

  5. You should probably explain what you're trying to do here.

  6. You won't regret it. It's not more complicated, but once you've used it you will probably agree that it's more sophisticated.

  7. Well yes, they're probably quite happy considering that they're accomplishing their goal of shutting down competing apps.

  8. Those are the two biggest most centralized shitcoin scams. They are definitely unregistered securities.

  9. I used to post the Magic Internet Money wizard for every 100k subscribers but the shitcoin scammers kind of ruined that with their NFT bullshit.

  10. Bcash was always doomed from the start. You should have listened to Bitcoiners.

  11. Plus you would get banned if you said anything but Bitcoin here

  12. Indeed, shitcoin scammers are not welcome in this subreddit.

  13. Your comment is uncalled for.

  14. I'll stick with ColdCard. I don't like how Shift tends to astroturf and manipulate discussions. Not Ledger's tendency to desperately try and suppress criticism of their practices by abusing Reddit's report function in an attempt to censor critics.

  15. For the record, as stated many times before, we don't astroturf and manipulate discussions. Really sad to see that you still think this is the case.

  16. I believe you have admitted to me previously that you have shared threads in company chats. I have seen plenty of evidence myself, although Ledger has been the worst offender by far.


  18. Are you blind? There's at least two women. Not that it matters in the slightest.

  19. So what the fuck should he do? Wait a day to pay for or buy something? It didn’t even get better for a week. That’s fucking braindead. Use YOUR head man

  20. Again, please try to stay rational. You're not helping anyone by acting insane.

  21. I’d say paper wallets are safe until you scan them in. Back in the day they were considered “ one time use”.

  22. It's generally inadvisable to use single key pairs. Too many foot guns to avoid.

  23. Are you a bot? If not, we do expect a modicum of intelligence from participants. Drive-by political shills are discouraged.

  24. You're absolutely right. Redditors aren't exactly the brightest these days.

  25. wallet.change_gap_limit(100)

  26. The only "con" i can think of is that which I already mentioned in my "121st address" example. If you ever restore a wallet and realize some funds are missing even though it has finished scanning, you can try to extend the gap limit to see if the funds are hiding in a deeper address.

  27. Slightly more than your average multisig transaction.

  28. That's a tweet. Here's the article.

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