1. Yes that’s been done before many times

  2. An engine swap isn’t cheap? Figure $10k minimum. That’s the going rate it seems.

  3. Get a roll cage if you’re going to drift a convertible

  4. Yeah but they’re basing it on his net worth. I get it they’re still very rich but they don’t have a billion dollars in cash.

  5. TOR is a bit too far for day to day use. But Brave/Librewolf actually make practical sense.

  6. Take the fake widebody and the chrome wheels off you'll get more money that way

  7. He could just light it on fire and cash out with insurance, he is gonna have a hard time selling this.

  8. Yessiree, last time I talked to this guy he was just a dick towards by build so I have no positive thoughts about his cars.

  9. Uh sure? I build cars for a living and I’ve built quite a few JDM cars.

  10. Go look these things up, Vinyl wrap itself is around $200-$500 per car. Wings depend…

  11. I don’t fucking know, his s15’s,evo’s,r34, his two chasers(before they became legal) I really don’t have a clue

  12. I import cars and engines, you can legally import cars that aren’t old enough but it’s not the same way and registration is usually a little odd. That’s why LZ had a Montana plate on a lot of cars and some cars no plates.

  13. An LLC is a limited liability company, so nothing? I doubt rudnik has an llc

  14. Have you seen my Z 😂 I didn’t cut the firewall at all. Nice try.

  15. Haven't seen your z. Just know someone here in Australia that had a bad experience with fitting it

  16. Going to document the project on youtube, first video:

  17. Budget swaps aren’t necessarily the greatest things, but you seem knowledgeable so I’ll trust this swap.

  18. Agreed! I won't be cutting corners but i'm not doing anything unnecessary.. even though the temptation is there to throw lots of shiny parts at it lol

  19. Nah mate it’s pretty much the same as most Z owners

  20. Unless your built engine stock motor won’t take a 200 shot. Or at least add some ring gap

  21. First remove that turbo, high heat rtv is never to be used like that.

  22. yeah that’s what i’m planning on doing. i just need the size of the turbo to properly list it for someone else to buy. previous owner didn’t have much knowledge about turbos.

  23. I told you what the turbo is lol borg Warner sc300 677183

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