Guess will need more fans

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  1. It’s not about the $185, it’s about gas money and drivers leaving the trucks running when they get out. (Bigly against the rules to leave it run)

  2. AC is not consume gas. Your compressor is being spun either way. Is it engaged all the time? No but it is still being spun, there is minimal load when it’s engaged.

  3. Okay go get a bolt from any hardware store

  4. Gotta agree since these don’t look like Nissan wheels lol

  5. That’s called engine tick; valvetrain chatter, ticking, noisy valvetrain

  6. i know one guy who slipped on pee pee at the megalo mart and won $53,000 off of a settlement dispute.

  7. Holy shit. What turbo and how much pressure are you running?? I’m so interested in upgrading the turbo but hesitant bc idk if I should replace the internals first. If I remember correctly only the crankshaft in the 235 is forged right?

  8. Sorry a little busy, but yes only the crank. I have a built engine although, I blew up the first lol

  9. Bro do you mind if I message you? Would love to pick your brain!

  10. Verizon probably owns ISP you have, they own a lot.

  11. What’s the worst you can get? Death lmao.

  12. Okay great, I mean I plan on stroking it with the bc stroker kit and starting at 30psi so idk if I need those or not what do you recommend

  13. Even with proper building of the engine I mean the bc stroker kit is rated for max 1500 hp at I believe 9000rpm. With the engine still “hate boost” if I stick below the 1000 hp mark and set the redline to like 8k rpm

  14. Damn give the engine a second to get some oil to the top of the engine wtffff

  15. I build engines and new oil pumps are extremely efficient.

  16. could be a few things. It’s probably the bushing that’s worn out.

  17. JFC you need a fan on your setup… you’ll cook everything without one.

  18. Is the misspelling of M. Night Shyamalan a joke I’m forgetting?

  19. Gotcha, thank you! Have you had the problem with your fuel gauge reading wrong? I was just gonna replace it with the hitachi oem fuel pump

  20. My little dude hates bowls in general. He gets angry and flips them and then looks at me like I killed the queen or something.

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