1. Lmao I’d love to see that whole experience

  2. Absolutely, when I’m not sick. Covid has fucked me all up again

  3. Get a cd009 or a cd00a, you can replace anything on the transmission you have but the kits are wildly expensive for what you get. $1200 for the kit and you’ll still have iffy synchros or you can buy a new transmission for $2000(plus or minus whatever)

  4. Yeah, that’s a lot to paint and they even put down how many hours and the rate; that’s cheap if it was in my area.

  5. It’s not David, it’s David. You’re saying it wrong.

  6. Nope, too many miles compared to its value. Plus it’s not stock.

  7. BC coilovers: get swift springs, custom spring rates and the extreme low option

  8. Can you explain what the add ons like the extreme low and swifts springs do. I’m a suspension noob

  9. Extreme low - more or less means they make the coilovers beefier; last longer and shit

  10. Will it bolt up - maybe, maybe not, but probably not.

  11. eBay, Facebook marketplace, anywhere on the internet honesty

  12. Why are you usually against recaros? My bride seat is a little small for me, so eventually im gonna have to change seats, so I can upsize.

  13. They’re not as safe as kirkey seats and not as comfortable as corbeaus, which are both cheaper options.

  14. Depends on the corbeau. I had the RRS before these and the Recaro is light years more comfortable

  15. Our body’s ain’t the same, it’s just what worked for me. Although recaros are safer than corbeaus.

  16. Interesting car, not my thing at all although. I am more into turbo builds and building them myself.

  17. Well that is a pile of shit, but it’s ultimately your call.

  18. headers too, because they immediately affect pitch!

  19. Yeah but the point still stands it’s just a vq.

  20. Stock cats, no resonator straight pipe to the Gtr muffler. the thing sounds mean, owner of the GTR who sold me the exhaust for $100 said “it sounds almost exactly like a stock gtr” couldn’t be more happy since all in it was like $500

  21. Sounds great but definitely does not sound like a gtr

  22. Just use the stock tank with a different sending unit, a bunch of companies make options that’ll work for all builds.

  23. Im looking for aftermarket his stock tank is messed up from previous owner and he decided if he has to buy a new one that hes gonna go after market

  24. Then you’ll be going 100% aftermarket unless you replace the tank

  25. Stock. I think majority of the aftermarket ones look tacky; like street aero

  26. That’s pretty much it, you’ll see what you have to remove. It doesn’t take long.

  27. Why did you adjust the preload? You’re not really supposed to do that. Put it back.

  28. By adjust I meant, setting it loose, thn adjusting it just till wrench thickness somewhat 3-4mm. I am not so sure about my previous owner, and as this is a wheel part, just wanted to tighten all up and keep it safe. So just adjust height and nothing to worry? Understanding I will have to go for alignment. I was worried about the upper arm as that's the one which is attached to wheel, so logically thought there maybe some change in tension/compression. I am new to all this, but learning.

  29. Love me a pulsar. I’ve got a ton lol, my g42-1450 kicks hard af

  30. There are tons of kits worth their cost, I won’t get into that because I’m a bit busy but you can dm me after I say what I have to say.

  31. I really want structures that you build to provide sound dampening. The outside world is way too loud when I’m inside my cabin

  32. Oh you can just buy those stickers or print them out, but you shouldn’t have to. You can show the ref the documentation that shows that nismo parts are not only oem(or just oe) but they’re carb compliant. You can search this up on Google and it’ll give you a whole list of info

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