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  1. Holols lost even with the billions of dollars that Biden gave and the tons of armament and mercenaries that NATO gave them. Stop coping and accept reallity

  2. Lol we will keep sending them billions. Let's see who wins. Big bank take little(Russian) bank. lolololol

  3. Sad and pathetic, you cannot even afford Healthcare for your own citizens but you gave billions away for free to a foreign nation that has nothing to do with you.

  4. I didn't deleted anything stupid cunt, the mods from this sub did. Dumb girl.

  5. She never had any man she wanted. Sex ≠ Compromise/love. She may have fucked any man she wanted but at the end of the day. How many of those men wanted to pursue a long term relationship with her? How many of those men wanted to wife her and make her the mother of the children? It's rich she talks about men being cheap when she sold her dignity as a woman for a couple of thousands, now not even her family want to talk to her. Imagine if she ever had children. They would be mocked and bullied. You would know what im talking about if you were in highschool. She has no idea.

  6. For your outstanding comment you have won a free product of Soylent ®. Please enjoy your Soylent ® bottle with your bugs while wearing a mask in your pod.

  7. This is too insightful for a reddit comment, you should leave before you get screeched at further for good measure

  8. Like 2 years ago there was a dude who outed 4 mods as monopolising subs and he got banned from 40+ subs in 40 minutes. Here is the thread


  10. First and foremost op, you’re an asshole who needs therapy put simply, your head is so far up your own ass and it’s obvious.

  11. Glad you’re admitting you are an asshole but hope you enjoy dying alone because god knows you’ll never end up in an actual relationship with such a dogshit personality, but I’m sure you know that already since you only care to get your dick wet like a horny teenager, enjoy only being good until you start aging and then never being with a woman again 🫡

  12. Nice catharsis. But we both know how real life works. Let that sink in ;)

  13. Lady, people screenshot things from 4chan and repost them here. We are not the original OP's from such threads.

  14. Anon im just reposting this. Do plebbitors think the OP from 4chan threads can read them? Cmon.

  15. 4channers always point out the most left field traits. Eye color? A woman will have your children because of your eye color?

  16. A lesbian couple looking for a baby once asked me for my sperm because i have blue eyes, with the right lighting they even look violet. When i turned down they offered money and when i also rejected the money they straight up offered to let me father the child "directly" if you know what i mean.

  17. It may sound old fashioned but i don't wanted to have a child with someone i don't love. Another reason is that I grew up in a loving and extended conservative family. I have a well developed sense of paternal feelings because of it. There is no way i can give up a child of my own blood. I would actively seek to be part of their life and meddling in their family.

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