1. 4 months of training is pretty in depth. For somthing as specialized as espresso machine repair i cant image how it couldent be comprehensive.

  2. I put it on a tortilla like they do on the space station.

  3. To this day i cannot hear "electrolytes" without immediately thinking there what plants crave.

  4. Shit’s bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we are running out of french fries and burrito coverings.

  5. It looks like the are about give op a a real serious talk.

  6. Making things accessible, be it with a human friendly interface or building a thing cheaper is a form of innovation. Even just marketing a product to a new customer base is a form of innovation. Often these are more important and build more value then making something slightly better.

  7. Im a utahn born and raised (not lds) when i saw it for the first time i was like. Yes this is exactly the sort of thing the would do and they have the money.

  8. The trick to any bmw is get a ppi done and make sure there isnt any deferred maintenance or other issues.

  9. I once had a project to install a pc that ran an office scheduling system, think like the take a number at the dmv. The site was a 6 hour drive and in the next state over. I figured id set up the computer and ship it to the remote site and have someone their plug it in and good to go.

  10. And people say business is efficient and government isn't. Clearly they haven't encountered many businesses.

  11. So in my case it is a goverment agency but it would be a problem in any large org

  12. How do you feel about using wormholes as weapons? Either the displacement engine (

  13. In alyster reynolds house of suns the are attacked by a weapon referred to as dragons breath Basicly a wormhole.where one end is in a star and the business end is pointed at the thing you dont like.

  14. Overall i think the Others had to go remember the were strip mining other solar systems for biomass as much as building materials.

  15. If a large number of electric cars were built to support backfeeding stored power to the grid and their charging systems could be integrated to act as virtual powerplants this could solve both capacity charging problem and provide the large storage needed to support renewables.

  16. There are some situations like driving in the mountains or a faster section of freeway where maintaining speed can consume more energy than the rex can produce. If you are in this situation you may find yourself going 20 mph slower than the median speed in the right lane praying you dont get rear ended.

  17. Im exited for the update but if the can hold it for a month and focus on QC in a way the haven't in the past i would be happy. Im wondering what sort of gamebreaking issue will come with the new update. Like when warfare 2 launched and turrets didnt work on dedicated servers.

  18. Breaking the game is kinda fun. Like SE has become a pretty well polished game at this point(especially compared to early access) so the game breaking bugs are fun.

  19. I will say the game is night and day compared to what it was.

  20. Look in the info tab or th3 k menue and see if you have the option to convert to ship, they are probably a static grid.


  22. I gotta say you picked one of the worst ev's possible however the shortcomings you encountered are only mitigated in better ev's the are not eliminated.

  23. 20 years ago 4 cylinders were gutless slow boring appliance cars.

  24. That is one absurdly handsome hound in his little shirt.

  25. I don’t know but it’s hard to believe that picture is a CV boot that is less than a year old. It looks like something from a junkyard.

  26. My lucy snuck out of the yard the very first time she was let out unsupervised.

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