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  1. Multiple events hit me hard. But for some reason the one that pops out as something that had me sitting there and thinking for a bit was the resumed romance with Rogue.

  2. having multiple or even just one trained gunman miss multiple shots on the main character while they run away in an open field.

  3. Ahh I see lol, I just lack rune knowledge. I let blitz pick for me and go 😅

  4. I went last month, got there early so I waited in the cafe with a few other people. Then we lined up to check in, all of us headed to a conference room for a presentation and to fill out a few forms. Eventually was called for a height check and to sit in the jump seat, after that it was pretty much a waiting game to get interviewed. It was two at a time so I Interviewed with one other person. Then they split us up just to get to know us a little better. Tbh I don’t remember the questions word for word but they were basic interview questions like Why do you want to be a flight attendant and why for envoy. What does respect mean to you. how would you make sure people of different cultures feel respected. How would you deal with a difficult customer…. They got back to me a week later (no cjo unfortunately)… wishing you much luck!

  5. completely depends on whats your budget and what your gaming situation is.

  6. The way you put it, you’ve already taken the first steps. So you have momentum. You say you got the material, that you are ready, so do it! Just sounds like a little doubt has got you tripped up. Ignore it and just study. You got a test to pass!

  7. Thanks for the reply! That tiny push of motivation helped me think about things differently. Much love, redditor.

  8. What helped me get used to talking to people virtually was heading to the VRchat hub world and finding a lot of people who were just like me. The people in that world are usually new or messing around with their headset at the mirror, being awfully shy/quiet themselves. Sparking up conversations ended up being easy and fun there!

  9. I guess I could try that. Though, I'm afraid of people judging me because of my avatar. I'm a furry so I have a bear character of mine, and that seems to put a lot of people off from the get go. Not to mention the people I have met and talked to wasn't the best experience, even in one of the furry worlds. A group of people thought I said this one guy was gay and got real upset at me (Never said that at all). I ended up just leaving after that. It's kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, but I know there's some really cool stuff/people out there.

  10. Go for it! Furries have a place, catboys have a place, catgirls have a place, lgbtq+ have a place, and etc. and the beauty of this game is that i see all of them mixing together as one. If anybody insults you otherwise, they shouldnt be your friend in the first place.

  11. Do schools have any rule against inappropriate mask designs? I can already imagine 1 student wanting to wear a nsfw mask for giggles.

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