Lawsuit can proceed against Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse

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  1. Counter Rotating Brush machine or a CRB with hot water can help

  2. You have to cover the rear grease trap hole. I use this: Blackstone Rear Grease Gate and Tool Holder Combo

  3. Thanks I'll get one. With that covered, there's still a gap all around the edge of the lid. I'm told rats as big as my foot (which is what we have) will get anywhere a nickel will fit. Any thoughts on the edges?

  4. Well, if you went through Decatur, you would need to bribe the goblin horde with gold. But just the right amount, too little, they will sacrifice you to the Hoopston Cornjerker. Too much and you risk the ire of The Dragon of Perkins. Going through Champaign saves you time and a headache

  5. Step 3.1 Agitate the cleaning solution with a carpet rake or brush, then allow to dwell for 10-12 minutes

  6. Also Step 6.1 Run the rug doctor 20 to 30 times vacuum only to remove maximum moisture.

  7. What if you go forward and claim zero on subsequent returns?

  8. The review started in December. Ends in June. Raise is July.

  9. Thank you I really appreciate this. Will this still work if the DPM has dried on?

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