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  1. In gen 3 and the remakes may and Brandon also have different personalities which I think is nice.

  2. Wow it’s been so long since I’ve seen the Kalos dex in full again. I still can’t believe the amount of new pokes introduced in XY was that small lol

  3. It’s missing the mega evolutions(which maybe I shouldn’t have cropped because it’s possible some paradox will be based off the mega like Salamance, my bad)

  4. My issue with giving Pikachu and eevee these forms as paradoxes is that they'll be banned (probably) from any competitive play, and be likely unobtainable in future games. However since gamefreak seems to just not want to do anything with these guys anymore, I'd take what I could get.

  5. What do you mean? They get their own games and gigantamax forms last gen

  6. It's about riding around on a hovering motorbike vs riding around on an overgrown horse

  7. I think the overgrown horse is so much more creative looking but to each their own :)

  8. any scarlet paradox (especially Roaring Moon with jolly/adamant or Flutter Mane with Modest preferably) , stonjourner, oranguru, hydreigon evo line would be great!

  9. I’ll send you adamant roaring moon and a Hydreigon!!

  10. I literally don't understand why Magneton, a Pokemon made of MAGNETS, was picked for a prehistoric form when there were so many better alternatives. EDIT:: For all of you asking if I'm aware that magnets/magnetic forces exist in nature, yes, I'm aware; thank you for your concern. My issue is more with the horseshoe shaped magnets, such as those attached to the main ball structure of Magnemite/ton, being a manmade construct.

  11. Maybe in the Pokémon world horseshoe shaped magnets are based off of magneton rather than the other way around

  12. I don’t really like iron hands, I just think he’s boring looking. I don’t really like the Pokémon he’s based off of though. I’ve been using him in raids and he’s not growing on me. I don’t hate the robots like some people but iron treads and iron valiant are just wayyyy more creative than the others and it makes me dislike the more generic ones

  13. They made some pretty weak antagonists I think team yell might have been more threatening atleast those guys actually caused trouble. Didn't hate the characters their motivations just seemed so non existent.

  14. Lmao I loved the thing you spoiler mark. It just showed how sweet that character really is :)

  15. I don’t think geeta is meant to be a bad person, just a poor leader. Pokémon is partially about coming of age and part of age is learning people aren’t always who you want them to be. Geeta is well designed(she looks how a champion should imo) and is a mentor to the player but many under her seem scared or resentful of her.

  16. Gotcha, I've set up the Union Circle. Code is E9REN8!

  17. Sorry I’ve only ever used the link code? How does this work? Do I just search for a trade while we are in the circle?

  18. Sorry this is my first trade too lol! I've set up the Link Code: 88550987 :)

  19. Thank you so much! Glad we got to learn how do this this together lol!!

  20. Anyone have an estimate of what the odds are with sparkling power 3?

  21. Is there any reason to red/blue or gold/silver over crystal and yellow? Can I access the first 250 from just those 2?

  22. I feel like he should be paired with Colress to make it clear it's B2W2 Ghetsis. In the first game him Manipulating N didn't make much sense, especially when it's shown in b2w2 that a lot of team plasma genuinely thought they were going to liberate Pokemon, so they just immediately turned on him and left when that was revealed not to be the case.

  23. iirc in bw2 the shadow triad(or maybe one of the sages I can’t remember) note that even though ghetsis wasn’t genuine if his plan came to fruition than many Pokémon would’ve still been helped. It’s totally possible ghetsis fully intended to liberate pokemon, just he also would’ve had N crowned as king of unova and rule from the shadows, maybe even taking N’s place somehow idk.

  24. I would argue Lusamine in vanilla Sun/Moon was very well written, USUM sorta screwed things up. If they didn’t try to haphazardly redeem Lusamine at the very end of S/M she probably would’ve been the best Pokémon villain of all time

  25. Seriously-during my first play though I went in blind and when I realized that lusamine chose Lillie’s outfits to make her like more like nheligo it was gut wrenching to me.

  26. Yeah all of the og 6 movies had their novelizations come a little bit before the movies.

  27. Ok I love the revenge of the sith movie but if I read the novel first I’d be pissed 😭😭😭

  28. I love her !! I always thought the problem was having the friendly rivals but I realized the past few generations just had rivals that didn’t really have much of an impact on the player. She’s friendly but she still pushes and challenges you in ways that the other friendly rivals didn’t imo.

  29. That was part of the issue, but not the main issue. It wasn't that there were no old pokemon, but a ton of people outright disliked a lot of the gen 5 designs. Then when everyone found out that the whole game was only the new mons, that's where the discontent about no old mons came in.

  30. I don’t see how bw2 isn’t significantly better than a third version remaster? New story new characters, with the improvements to story and maps? Isn’t that much much better than what platinum was to diamond and pearl?

  31. Well Gen 5 was supposed to be a reboots of sorts but then everyone hated it so never again will gf try that hard

  32. Gen 5 is my fav, there was so much content, the locations where stellar. The story was odd at times but it was ambitious and fun! and there where some really interesting ideas that could’ve evolved the series(black and white 2 teased the end of poke balls! The logo of the franchise!) The pixel art was beautiful and I wish gamefreak stuck to 2d(though I understand this change was probably more due to external pressure)

  33. My manager told me the Christmas Blend had a similir recipe but varies in quality year to year cuz of the aged Sumatra? Im not entirely sure how it works but this year I really like it!!

  34. Probably, especially since its not all that useful to know. Imaginary conversation with him and Mon Mothma:

  35. Honestly Mon would make sense to tell. Basically I feel like if he wants to keep it need to know, I feel like sympathetic Senators, who have a chance of being called to 1-1 time with palps would need to know he can kill them in an instant if they upset him

  36. Organa also picks up Yoda after his duel, so he knows not only that Palpatine was behind everything, but also that he is a Sith Lord strong enough to face Yoda in combat. I wonder if he ever shared that info with the rest of the higher-ups in the Alliance.

  37. That interesting, I wonder if anyone with intimate knowledge of the sith would suspect palpatine was a Sith Lord(I imagine this is mostly Jedi who obvs died but they definitely had to be academics who had knowledge of the sith). Presumably if someone understood the rule of 2 they’d wonder if Vader was the master or apprentice and maybe suspect palpatine was the master. Also it wouldn’t be very sith to submit to a non force user

  38. Be mad at the company for understaffing, it sucks ti be left like that at peak, but I understand why she would do that

  39. That’s really interesting, since the opening of the Star Wars novelization in 1976 said that the Empire was formed when Palpatine got elected “President of the Republic” and declared himself Emperor.

  40. Yeah it was Lucas’s original intention that the officers you see on the Death Star where the true masters of the empire irc

  41. Full disclosure-ahsoka is one of my fav characters in the franchise and my absolute fav character outside of the OT. This critique is out of love not spite

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