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  1. Nuclear plants are really expensive. They also need a lot of water for cooling. Not saying you're wrong. Just saying it's not that easy.

  2. Poland will be using sea water for cooling its nuclear plants. Vietnam has a massive coastline, you can easily cool them with sea waters.

  3. What happens if the sharks that chewed through the internet cables get in there?!

  4. I'm sure the Vietnamese will catch them, cook and eat - just like anything else.

  5. Besides what everyone else already noted, I think your hair look a bit messy. A good haircut or hairstyle could change a lot in your looks with minimum effort.

  6. Braces would be probably better way to go and don't shave brows, unless you really really have to.

  7. It's also profitable to change your job more often rather than begging for a raise.

  8. Where is crazy Romania with their highest GDP growth this and last year? They are averaging now like 8%.

  9. They literally just ran quality of use updates within the last week or week and a half. If that isn’t confirmation bias of some behind the scenes operation. Then idk what is.

  10. or you know... devs worked on it and merged requests of all the work they did before the project ends. Happens very often in IT industry.

  11. Where do you live (country)? I haven't seen it yet, but I read on the reddit people complaining about it.

  12. Today he tweeted that he did purchase, order completed. There was actually a large spike in price.

  13. Nwl is currently unavailable on Nasdaq!

  14. LMAO UCOPY, it's absolutely available, just extremely low volume. Go draw some more lines on charts.

  15. Yet another -20% lol. I think most of you gonna turn bearish when we finally hit 0$ lol. Bullish all the way from 30$ to 5 cents.

  16. False, they got converted into BBBYQ and are not worthless. You can contact support and ask them to sell these shares on your behalf, they are trading OTC on pink sheet.

  17. Are these shorts in the room with us? lol Did they close? Good luck squeezing OTC pinksheet guys.

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