1. Best songs when fried: kool, layover, all night, spec ops, ALLURE, cult, rockstar, twice, rollin dope, presidential

  2. allure fosho i thought i was leaving my body while that song was playing

  3. Unique vocals, great beat selection, great live performer, not scared to take musical and aesthetic risks

  4. Anyone know how long is the shipping? I preordered a shirt and idk when it’s coming in

  5. I’m not sure about preorders but I know when they have shirts in stock it doesn’t take long to ship

  6. I saw her at the philly concert she’s a good performer hella energy the people that were hating on her were weird af

  7. I’m about to buy these i’m 6’5 tho so hopefully they won’t drag like this

  8. same shit diff name it has literally all the snippets after x dropped

  9. lol ken just tweeted it’s not the same shi

  10. i’m good that’s $500 more than retail price so i’ll just buy retail

  11. bro he need to work with fauni and uno again he just abandoned them when he blew up

  12. nah they just started beefing because of the situation with bloodydior

  13. Hey idk if ur still wondering but I bought them in a size 11 and i’m a size 13 and they fit perfectly

  14. The people who are interviewing him don’t give af about his new music. There are way more important topics to discuss rn then his music

  15. we so down bad for music bro giving us a tutorial on how to make a carti song

  16. Someone not dropping for 2 years really isn’t that unheard of especially for someone that never dropped frequently in the first place. Even in his SoundCloud days he was known for not dropping alot so idk what he’s expecting lol. Him implying that he doesn’t care about anything is just as dumb as well

  17. fax he even was gonna make the self titled mixtape cover comments of his fans saying he doesn’t drop

  18. "I was about to name my album Music because that’s where I’m at, you know what I’m saying? Music."

  19. U giving bro way too much credit he was def trolling that interviewer

  20. This and trance should’ve been on NS imo

  21. The silhouette seems like a dead giveaway to me

  22. it is yzy gap a model had the same exact fit on it’s just unreleased at the moment

  23. "how dat hoe pussy pink but bootycrack" idk wtf he was on the whole song lmfao

  24. man i was just listening to pussy pink and i’ve never heard so many questionable bars in 1 verse💀

  25. I’ve never seen so many niggas obsessed with a persons looks just enjoy the music who gives af

  26. They said he’s having a 1 hour set and his name is in bold so i’m guessing it’s like a headline type performance

  27. until carti posts gab3 and spazz on 00pium i won’t believe anything

  28. if u tryna resell don’t that’s lame af


  30. lmao my fault the color is just way off compared to the ones i have that’s why i never peeped💀

  31. <48 hrs was the worst one and there’s really no debate

  32. And then iggy had 2 come out and say he was talking about the studio because of all the carti fans that were going to her page💀

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