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  1. Art by me — I’m obsessed with Bonnie so I paint him all the time ☺️🎸🐰

  2. Check out my insta at balo_badartist for more info, and if you want to see the rest of the glam band artistically rendered like this ☺️💕

  3. He looks like a person from 1800

  4. This comment is just plain confusing tbh not gonna lie bro what the hell u mean 🫡🫡🫡

  5. There's this fic that I had loved like crazy and religiously came back to constantly, while it's been a two-chapter, unfinished, open-ended, hopeful thing for years on end. Then one day, the author suddenly came back and added 5+ chapters to it and finished the thing definitively. And it was... okay. Actually, it was pretty damn good, but the focus, little quirks and the unique quality of the first two chapters that captured my attention and charmed me for years were somehow gone. I guess, the author matured, and changed, and their work reflected that, but damn, the version I keep in my saves (and on kindle) is that unfinished one that I first fell in love with still.

  6. I agree - when I started my long fic, I was in the throes of intense hyper-fixation. I was obsessed, and I put so much into the work, getting up to 100k even. But now the hyper-fixation has passed onto another fandom, another ship, and I honestly don’t want to go back even though I had so much planned. I’m just afraid it won’t have that same “muchness” to it now that the passion has gone. Now I’d much rather write for the fandom I’m hyper-fixated on now 😆😅

  7. Really solid stuff. Not sure there's a ton I'd crit. Maybe the rimlight would be nice to carry over to the shoulders a little bit since the back of the hair is picking up a bit of light?

  8. I agree with pretty much everything you said. Funnily enough, I added a tint of red to his ear a few days after posting this, but I did not thing to make the ear darker to add the emphasis. And you’re right, the shoulder is a bit too dark considering the light in the hair, even if it’s just a shade of light, it would work better contextually. And I’ll have to revisit the earrings like you said. Thanks so much for the critique and the advice! It’s always highly rewarding <3

  9. Hi! This is my most recent work, and and I would love some help. I just started my transition from traditional art to digital art (Procreate) back in January, and I think I’ve come a long way. This work is a huge step in the right direction, and I’d like to think I am now in the intermediate stage. However, I’m too proud of it to view it objectively, and I want to see how I can improve.

  10. I wish they would give the option to also turn off kudos

  11. As for tips on blending, just make sure not to over-blend! You can tell that you’ve over-blended when the pixels show value changes. It should be a gradual change in groups of pixels; that will show texture. When the shading is textureless, you e over-blended ;). I still over-blend sometimes, too, so I better take my own advice, lol. But amazing work for only being day 2! The work I made on my second day with Procreate is entirely incoherent, haha xD

  12. Makes you stealthier? I got it for shits and giggles, but I have noticed a change.

  13. I threw my towel in pretty late in the game, so my work is not nearly as popular as some other works (which are great and deserve the popularity!) but it’s just a bummer, yanno? I would appreciate a reader or two that’s interested in FNAF / Security Breach to pop in and see if they like it!

  14. Absolutely not. Your motivation is critical, but just make sure to objectively introspect the critique to understand if it was viable or not. Maybe you can learn from it, but that doesn’t mean you want to read it again. Also, the page where one has to post to comment literally only exists because of you. It’s your space that YOU own. Things that you don’t want on your space… get rid of them!

  15. Fate of the universe hangs in the balance if a sorcerer cannot juggle his raging daddy and mommy issues

  16. The scattering of feminine fineries about the room led me to the conclusion that I was in deep shit, and that the wise men were too good at their game.

  17. Lol no he accidentally sent a mythical beast through his aunt’s mirror from the mirror world because he thought it was being sent to the guy that sent said mythical beast after him. In reality, the guy is his aunt’s peeper so it led the beast to her… it’s a whole thing. 🤣

  18. One wonders if the bike tire saved him a cracked head or created worse injuries elsewhere

  19. I’m pretty sure it did - the way his head snaps back from decking the concrete. Little shit deserved what he got

  20. Genuinely asking why do women think those long ass witch nails are attractive?

  21. It isn’t to look attractive for men. Sometimes it’s for women. Sometimes it’s for art. Sometimes it’s because they want to.

  22. Gregory and Freddy got some pizza. Gregory fell into a carb coma, and Freddy's still trying to finish his half.

  23. See they like their pizzas with gallon of sauce on the side, so I can see why people would be confused

  24. From the appearance of the corpse I presume that you, Freddy, mangled the body breaking some bones primarily in the leg and arm and a couple in the ribs then you proceeded to slice open the jugular which explains the amount of blood, that is what you have done, Freddy

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