1. I like hearing Australians called people a "dikhid".

  2. It’s Australian, even the video says Sydney. The accents are a dead giveaway

  3. Nowhere do they claim this wasn't Aussie but ok

  4. Kallmekris actually makes decent content. People don’t get she’s actually making fun of these people and it’s hilarious in itself

  5. Ever since I could talk I have loved superman. My first reactions to him in the tv show super friends had me love this character.

  6. True, but Goku was still an adaption of the character sun wukong from the traditional Chinese story Journey to the West.

  7. He gives me dreams and visions, I’ve heard his unmistakable voice and felt his tangible, yet invisible healing hand on an injury.

  8. That would honestly be so much fun and I'd love to, but I have no idea how to go about selling them. I might have to start looking into it more!

  9. Just create a Facebook page and do some testers. Flood the market and then set prices. Do you bake other things?

  10. So far I've only been making cookies!

  11. There’s nothing wrong with that! Refine your craft and blitz the market, you seem to have a talent for it

  12. I agree, I’d want to be told by women that I date about if they have a small penis too!

  13. I’d like to see him name the people who were buying time from them. If they were truly repentant they’d list the scum that were hurting these babies

  14. “Aww Pirates of the Caribbean is getting so big”

  15. Glad you are pleased where you are now. What is the YRR movement?

  16. I’d like to know as well! What the heck is the YRR movement

  17. Don’t buy them. We have a big problem with non indigenous artists selling their work as aboriginal artwork here.

  18. She was caught cheating at a hotel with the cheating partner in the car. Yeah, he’s a total monster /s

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