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  1. "Anyone ever tell you you sound just like Janet Varney?"

  2. I only saw a Ted Talk from him recently. It was among the better vegan arguments I've ever rebutted, but that mostly just means he's a good public speaker who can stay largely on-point. He still couldn't do what every vegan fails to do & prove that their particular line in the sand, & nothing more, is indeed a moral obligation.

  3. I don't have any specific sources that refute this, but it doesn't sound like anyone else does, so I'll give my $0.02 anyway: There's no way this is true. First of all, dogs are very smart animals. Not as smart as elephants, chimps, dolphins, or octopi, but they're up there. The findings that used to establish cows as "intelligent"

  4. How are people reading this? I caved & ordered it, but it says it won't be released until the 20th.

  5. Amazon Kindle. Well, that's annoying, but thanks for clarifying.

  6. I guess I have enough vegan responses that I should do an FAQ for this. Well, less "Frequently Asked Question" & more like "Frequently Addressed Accusations:"

  7. I have exceeded the character limit, so it is necessary for me to add any new FAAs in replies.

  8. Well, she was taking quite a beating from that thing from what I remember, and she had to get out of it somehow.

  9. That's a good point, I never considered that. Though I will say I don't think you'll get much pusbback here on Tenzin being, at that time, a bad teacher, because becoming a better mentor is his explicit arc.

  10. There are a few burn marks on her back, but yes, it's kind of hard to tell that's what they were referring to.

  11. Very convenient for someone in the comments to provide timestamps.

  12. I'm very late to this thread, but regardless, here's my take:

  13. This is actually great because most vegans try to claim that merely killing "the fewest" animals is enough, but you explicitly state that someone's life is meaningless if they cause harm to animals AT ALL, & vegan agriculture

  14. So? Going into the avatar state doesnt drain the avatars body of all its blood and replace it with spirit lmao

  15. Why in the world would you think it needs to do that? It adds this massive source of power that is not water & therefore cannot be controlled by a bloodbender. It's like encasing a metal marble in a bunch of concrete & asking, "Why doesn't the magnet still move the marble? All of the metal is still there."

  16. U said “Raava isn’t made of water” im saying so what lol. What does that have to do with anything 😂

  17. I clearly explained it, so maybe actually read it & try to understand it? Because you come across like you don't actually want an answer & are just being a dick to me for no reason.

  18. With the memory thing, if there was a gap between Roku dying and Aang being born, then neither would remember it so we'd expect an immediate transition between the two regardless.

  19. I guess he hoped Ichigo would weaken him just enough to finish him off.

  20. Not in that way, I don't think so, or else they could just use a weaker version to torch everything around them. I guess they could always exhaust themselves to death, but ask yourself, can you do that from one really hard punch? The only type of sacrifice attack that makes sense is something like Ghazan's, where he just lashed out without regard for getting caught up in his own attack.

  21. I believe he did lol but Mayuri just says that's "modifying" it so there's nothing that actually needs fixing for his Bankai

  22. Not sure if you've read the manga, but what he means by this becomes clear later.

  23. No, he was going around saying "why, though?" to everything, & people hated him so much they poisoned him.

  24. I rated this one as average because I can't bring myself to say it's bad, but the pacing is bonkers & it picks the weirdest ending point. Of all the cut content, I think Mayuri's explanation hits the hardest. He gives very important context to justify the claim that broken Bankai can't be repaired. For these reasons, it's just not really on par with the other episodes so far. Also, this isn't really a complaint, but I just want to note that Yamamoto's death scene morphed from some molten rock to the crater it was in the manga at some point, & I'll go insane if I don't point this out.

  25. Yhwach blasted him afterwards too remember? Yhwach made that crater

  26. Yes, I know. When we first see the aftermath in the anime, there isn't a crater, just melted rock.

  27. Coward? Is there supposed to be something brave about getting into inconsequential debates about which diet is more morally correct because I'm not seeing it.

  28. Clearly debating someone, but feigning being above debate, it intellectual cowardice. Either actually following your own advice & not trying to prove your own superiority, or accepting that you're having a debate & taking it seriously, would not be intellectual cowardice.

  29. Here's the thing, I don't care about intellectual honesty, bravery or even the supposed virtue of intellect or debate itself. I'm not going to take this debate seriously, I have no good reason to and I don't even take myself seriously on here. Debatebroing on reddit dot com is what I'd consider pathetic.

  30. Riveting, but you're still debating. A debate is when you argue with someone, you're not exempt because you're lying or doing a bad job. You're not above this conversation, you're just a moron trying to frame being a moron as winning.

  31. I am bi, ex-christian, have depression largely due to religious trauma, and LOVE morbid questions.

  32. I think you're confusing antinatalism with childfree. Childfree is "I, personally, don't want to have children." Antinatalism is "human procreation is wrong, & everyone should stop doing it."

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