1. Happened right in front of all those expensive waterfront houses on Pt. Grey Rd.

  2. An account almost a year old with absolutely zero post history comes out of hibernation just to say those two words. Weird.

  3. I am late to this thread but I've been through this. Once you are fully comfortable with venv, pip and requirement.txt files, get to know Poetry.

  4. Yes I understand. But the cost of purchasing, shipping, assembling, then disassembling and shipping away these machines represents a significant chunk of the project’s overall price. My question is whether it’s cheaper to leave the machines in place and maintain them in order to be reactivated later. I’ve read about some other projects and it’s cheaper for them to simply leave the machines in the ground after completing a tunnel. So in this case since the line will eventually be extended, will they reuse the same machines or dismantle and bring in new ones down the road?

  5. A line to UBC would likely be considered seriously 20 years from now. How useful would boring equipment be after being buried for that amount of time?

  6. I replaced the battery a year ago on my 4XL and to this day it runs just as well as it did brand-new.

  7. Don't forget to factor in the back-end ops component. Alarms, dashboards, getting paged-in at 3am because a network segment in some random region got interrupted and, downstream, it affected your service enough to throw it into alarm state.

  8. Idk they're not mentioning Authy. So we might be good.

  9. I would love some public assurances on this one either way. It's not great being in the dark given the worst-case-scenario.

  10. Linux main here, I need my tilda ~ to get back to my home directory!

  11. Before I got my license, I bought the BF-F8HP for listening in on my local nets. You'll quickly want to spend a few extra bucks for an aftermarket antenna because the rubber duck that comes with it isn't really all that good, and the money spent is well worth it.

  12. Legend has it that NASA and JPL do not allow recursion because it is difficult to validate memory constraints using static analysis. This likely applies to critical embedded code.

  13. People in the west end think the fireworks are pretty neat.

  14. In the megathread, people got all salty for saying that I'm turning off my phone now.

  15. Personally, I have put an '''alias python=python3''' in my .zshrc file. Not sure if there's some edge case that will one day bite me, but so far in the past few years it has only been a boon to my quality-of-life.

  16. 4XL here running fine. No reason to upgrade tbh.

  17. 4XL here.. had a fresh battery put in in about a year ago and it still runs as if brand-new.

  18. Customer service gave me the middle finger when my 4XL broke after I moved from the US to Canada. Back & forth for weeks.

  19. In Python, both lists and strings are "Sequence" types, so many of the built-in functions listed below will work on both of them:

  20. Why is CapsLock the 3rd largest key? Why have it at all?

  21. Because the keycaps don't have to match their actual function. It's not actually a caps lock key.

  22. I hear you there. I use mine as another control key. The fact that it's mislabeled drives me up the wall.

  23. More info surfacing. Tattoo in his right ear PVE163

  24. I’ll keep my eye out, I live in that area. Any favourite treats?

  25. I just found out that he has a soft spot for Temptations treats!

  26. No ESC, but apparently you can pry capslock away from his cold, dead hands.

  27. Don't be hard on yourself because this isn't even strictly a Vancouver thing. You'll see this in plenty other Pacific Northwest cities as well.

  28. In Seattle, a hoodie & lanyard means you're in tech. So yeah, your money would be good. Vancouver's probably not too far off from that.

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