1. I'm struggling to understand what happened from your description.

  2. I’m all good now I made it to the thermal plant and got on the portal

  3. I’m outside of the primary containment facility and the green door closed and will not open

  4. You can't beat the game without the Cyclops shield generator. If we're talking what's strictly needed to beat the game, the Cyclops is the only choice. The Seamoth is optional. The Prawn suit is optional.

  5. You need a certain amount of materials like kyanite that can be almost impossible to get plenty without the prawn. Also why do you need the shield gen

  6. Not having the Prawn suit makes it a bigger pain to gather the necessary materials - especially kyanite, because pieces that can be picked up are only in one location - but those materials can be gathered. Meanwhile, the Cyclops shield generator is a necessary part of the rocket.

  7. I disagree with the first part. I am also on my first play through and the only thing I have to do is build the rocket so I didn’t know you needed it my b

  8. So you played the game on xbox 1 did 30 hours of progress, then switched to xbox 2?

  9. Ik I hit the save button though and I always had the same game file beforehand

  10. Same thing happened to me and I lost 30 hours of progress… I have given up

  11. You should run your cyclops in silent mode with minimal lights. Don't you know that bright white lights attract moths?

  12. Yes you can, when you complete the game, you will select journey 2, which you will keep most of your things and start at beginning,m enemies will be a little harder and most everything is there to pick up again.

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