1. I have the LG C2 42” OLED and it pushes 99% of any game I play to 120hz. Don’t need a 4090 for that. Unless you’re heavily in not fps games, which I’m not, you won’t need a 4090 anyways

  2. I have the same screen, im only getting 120fps, where can I download this mod? I need more frames!

  3. The OCD in me is screaming and totally not ok with the upside down Aorus motherboard box. Upside down boxes are a no no! Fix this asap

  4. Will smith! this has nothing to do with that slap situation last year. I have never liked this actor and so I can’t stand to watch any of his movies.

  5. Way too much shit in that apron. 1 marker, knife, tape and first phone is enough. What are you, a camel?

  6. I personally don’t think I could enjoy the game visually on such a small screen when I’m used to 4K on an OLED panel

  7. Our store hires a ton of gen Z. Just realize those people will be gone and moved on within a few months to a few years tops. They use the store as a stepping stone to get to better places (as expected), and you eventually will be stuck with a small skeleton crew working the busy months.

  8. I would love love love a bloodborne open world like elden ring. Plz do it Fromsoft, it will sell to the masses. This is what the ppl want!

  9. I took my fat stack off my apron a long time ago. After 12 yrs I had too many dangling and it got in the way. I even took off my 12 year badge cos I really don’t care about displaying how many years I’ve been with THD. It’s all pointless drivel anyways.

  10. Xfinity sent me a notice saying theyre excited by upping my upload speed from 25 mbps to 120 mbps. Big whoop! im currently sitting at 1.2Gb download and cant even use all of it - (i pay $55/mo)

  11. Does falling asleep count? I couldn’t get thru suicide squad from 2016, it was so boring to me, I fell asleep!

  12. I miss it. I started with Ultima online and moved onto EQ. Nobody forgets their first "TRAIN!". It was a special game. My friends went to WoW and I moved on to EQ2. I still think it was superior to WoW and deserved better. Was going to be all in for EQ next. Still would be in a heartbeat. I miss the high fantasy of it. I play FFXIV and played wow but I hate the whole anime vibe of FFXIV and how clean and shiny everything is and wow is just ...what it is.

  13. These poor souls are former associates that have worked themselves to death for paltry wages

  14. As a contractor that very seldom needs help, I always look for someone with a dirty apron. If I do need assistance and the apron is clean, they are most likely new( can’t help) , management (won’t help) or unskilled (lazy). Not to say that unskilled is always lazy but if you are trying to learn your apron will be dirty. This is my strategy for getting in and out of the store quickly.

  15. I love this - even tho I’ve been with THD over 12 yrs, I make sure to wear squeaky clean aprons so that I’m not hassled by customers. This is genius! 💯

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