1. I’ve logged on and off multiple times today but haven’t waited until the next day since the update just came out this morning. When I log in tomorrow I’ll lyk though 🤝

  2. Yes please update us! Lol I’ve been wanting to buy madden but the only mode I play is franchise. Played the trial and had 2 save files broke by glitches. If this is fixed, I will for sure buy

  3. Jumped into a franchise that, yesterday, I was not able to get through the draft. Just completed the draft right now, post-update. Hopefully this is the fix we’ve all been waiting for.

  4. Yeah that was all on Ryan. Great play call to get the first down and Ryan just said nah

  5. Redveil just teased an upcoming collab for a remix of ‘PG Baby’. I’d bet based on this it’s Smino featured on it

  6. I saw a guy there Saturday around noon, had 3 signs up all with different sayings. One said “will do ne thing for money”

  7. I don’t think we get the ball back

  8. I don’t understand the hype around Levis. Couldn’t win the starting job at Penn State, and he’s been very average since going to Kentucky. I understand the physical tools are there but he has no production

  9. There was this one dude named Joe Burrow at OSU who couldn’t beat out Haskins….

  10. That was a much different situation. Haskins turned in one of the best seasons in OSU/B10 history after beating out Burrow, and was also a 1st round pick. Levis got beat out by Sean freakin’ Clifford. Also, Burrow actually had the production to warrant being a 1st round pick his senior season. If Levis was even close to Burrow’s numbers, I’d be singing a different tune

  11. I would buy Last of Us part 1! Never played the original (wasn’t my genre of game back then) but I really want to now

  12. Dude, no he’s not. He’s a typical system QB at Ohio State

  13. Stroud is better. Look at all the passing stats, accuracy, etc. Stroud can make all the throws you need him to

  14. Saw someone say Saba already, so I will say JID. Kendrick influence is obviously almost immediately hearing JID for the first time

  15. Not supposed to type in a TMs number and they may have removed the option, but get the Target Circle app and you can add it there then just scan that barcord. When entering it you may have to add between 4-6 0(zeroes) to the front of it to accept it, start with 4.

  16. So for some reason it won’t connect to my circle app. The app says the TM number is on my account, but it just won’t apply any discounts. It works fine on but not from the app. I will have to talk to someone my next shift about it

  17. "Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut" I would recommend, but just so you know he has a previous album named "Angelic Hoodrat" as well, and is also good.

  18. I second Kenny Mason. First heard him in April 2020 when Angelic Hoodrat came out and everything he’s been involved with since then has been great. Starting to work w/ some bigger artists recently too (JID, Denzel Curry, Freddie Gibbs)

  19. Definitely Alright, MAAD city, swimming pools and money trees. Those were probably the most “hype” songs he played when I saw him

  20. The thing I like most is just the thought provoking nature of almost every one his songs and albums. I’ve heard TPAB and GKMC hundreds of times, but still catch a new line or new meaning of something every now and then. There’s layers and meaning to just about everything he does, and I love it

  21. Me and a friend are looking for a free, dynasty league. Scoring/rules don’t matter too much

  22. Beware of those looking for "me and a friend". Too frequently it's the same person.

  23. Nope, not this time. My buddy just texted me earlier in the week asking me to help find him a dynasty league. He knows I’m in a couple dynasty baseball leagues

  24. So I'm from and live in Cleveland but spent a few years in Columbus and it's always really funny to hear people talk about Columbus.

  25. I just moved from St. Louis to Columbus and couldn’t agree more. Columbus has so much to do, and so many nice surrounding areas compared to other Midwest cities. I was amazed the first time I came here how much there is to do within 30 minutes of downtown Cbus

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