1. I've typed myself out as an INFJ and fair enough it's really relative to how I mentally function plus I think I just also like being part of rarest types among all personality types and it gives my ego a boost.

  2. Infj here. 2 faced ppl and students who are so loud even though all they talk about is nonsense blabber

  3. Incompetent or immature teachers always annoyed me too. I had one that gave me A’s in English until she found out I was dating someone she didn’t like then it was B’s. She also forgot who wrote Oedipus Rex and she was a Lit teacher. She gave me a barely passing grade for a huge college determining exam and other teachers confirmed it was 90’s level work. She was sued by other students parents. Maybe if she did her job instead of screwing over students she didn’t like, she would still have a job.

  4. That's one of the things that annoys me too. There was this teacher who doubted that I was the one who wrote my own essay for her subject requirement. I told her to read any part I'll explain to her how I came up with the idea and what's the next context of it because I know my words by heart. She didn't believe it and said I plagiarized it and that students these days are just passing because of Google. It was so annoying. She probably can't believe I wrote it because her incompetence won't let her do something even half as good as my paper.

  5. Honestly the way i see it, if theyve been friends for a long time, then its a bit different. Hard to just cut off someone you've known for a good amoubt of time. If theyre new comers and hes commited to you he should probably ignore them or be short with them. I find it to be healthy for men and women to have friends of the opposite sex, that way you are more understanding of the other side, but to just keep engaging with randoms is off putting.

  6. I was also thinking maybe it's the self esteem thing? Coz it's always me who had a lot in line waiting before and even during the rs with him. So when he does get attention from girls, it kinds of put me back as well. It doesn't happen as frequently with mine, but when it does, it really hits a nerve.

  7. My ex always had a ton of guys messaging her, her ex's and what not. She had 1 friend who was a girl, all others guys. All she would do is complain about these people making her mad, she had awful self esteem issues and would always be looking for validation. I never said anything to her about it because i trusted her but it hurt alot to hear it so I know where your coming from.

  8. Oh the other incident where there's this girl "fan" who messaged him she was obviously hitting on him complimenting him and stuff, asking some personal questions about work and uni, and indirectly telling him she likes video games and she doesn't have "anyone" to play with.

  9. I'm a girl but my list of demands really doesn't fall off in any of those. It's one of the things that is part of the romantic dreams where I get to have a nice dinner date or have some flowers, but it shouldn't be demanded.

  10. There's a full scholarship you can apply to in Maastricht, I know because I tried, and I'm from an asian country. Maybe you can check their website and see when they're open for application next year.

  11. will show you tuition rates. Or search here:

  12. Yes I do have family members who are Dutch citizens. I'll try to ask them regarding this. Thank you, that's really helpful!

  13. Could be Seasonal Affective Disorder. Are you stuck inside all day with no sunshine?

  14. Yeah I'm mostly not getting sunlight since I don't go out very much. I'm active with running/jogging but I usually do it in the afternoon when there's no sunlight anymore. Will consider that thank you :)

  15. Definitely talk with a therapist. Find one you vibe with. They’re all a little different so don’t be afraid to shop around a little. Also. if you’re up for an experiment… try this. Make a list of the habits you think a healthy, happy person might have. Then for a week or two try those habits out. You mentioned you sleep schedule isn’t great. Start there. I know two huge triggers for me are sleep and food. If I don’t sleep and don’t eat energizing foods I feel like garbage. So when I’m feeling low I set alarms to remind me: “Snack time bruv” or “Eat at that Puerto Rican place” “fancy a nap” that sort of thing.

  16. That's really a great suggestion! Thank you buddy, cute alarms like that would be nice :)

  17. I never had to do it before because guys always do. But so far, I think making the first move benefits girls a lot compared to guys because we always have higher chances instead of getting rejected. It wasn't really my intention to make the first move before with the guy I'm with rn, but I was the one who kind of messaged him first.

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