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  1. Well, if he can get the Tardis to Hogwarts in time he can use its phasers to defeat the Empire and save Narnia

  2. You're kidding, right? He collected something like $250M from gullible rubes just in the time span between losing the election and Jan. 6 alone.

  3. He used that money to pay his bills; it’s gone

  4. So STOP giving him the attention he craves. Don’t mention his name, stop reporting on his antics.

  5. I’m not a proctologist but I would be happy to poke around in it

  6. It looks to me like you are growing Pink Oyster mushrooms…

  7. Bugs. As in bacteria in your gut, combined with fiber and undigestible sugars. Your digestive enzymes and chemicals can’t break those down but those bacteria love them and one byproduct of their metabolism is various gases.

  8. It’s only later, with 11, that you see how sad that episode really is.

  9. You would have to, and I think someone should, do a side-by-side comparison of two tubs that are as identical as possible. One could s2b a bag or two, mix it up well then split it into two small tubs. Harvest one just after the veils break and allow the other to drop spores, keep track of yields and compare the two.

  10. I have an experiment going on with a UB that got contam. I just removed any green mold I seen and left all they healthy mycelium I had. I s2b about Nov 9 and it seems to be doing well. Maybe try ti removed the infected areas about 1 in. Out front where the mold stops. Then you could spray some h2o2 to kill any other stuff you might have going on. Your mycelium will bruise or it might not but it will be okay. Hope this helps. If you have time to spare, I'd say keep going and see what happens. I'd definitely add a thin layer of casing. Mush love

  11. I had a bag like that: the bottom window looked perfect and full colonized but when i opened it tjere was black/ grey mold. I immediately moved it away from my working area, broke off all signs of mold and made a special tub for it. It is quarantined from my others but so far it is colonizing really well with no sign of contam

  12. It’s the pigments and how they interact. Find a book entitled “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green,” it hss lots of advice.

  13. This is the “fuck your feelings” crowd. What a bunch of crybabies

  14. Who calls him an “expert?” Is it he calling himself that, or other people?

  15. It’s a shipsaw, for cutting bevels on frames for boats

  16. Those are the best kind of runs IMO. I call them “adventure runs.”

  17. He was a very lucky man! Did she play with him?

  18. Ughh!! Everybody knows that storks bring babies in a basket. The grandma never had sex in her life.

  19. Storks bring babies, but there is a bird that can stop them…

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