1. Chicago is the #1 beer city in the United States. The level of breweries and the amount is unmatched.

  2. 15-16 dollars for the rice bowl with brisket or chicken didn’t seem too off imo tho. I usually spend about 15-16 at a food truck. I just ordered a ton of food since I wanted to try everything. It’s not cheap I get it but I feel all food trucks in austin charge a lot unless it’s a taco truck I feel. Not going to name names but I got a similar bowl of food from a food truck with juice and it was 27 bucks 😅

  3. $5 for onion and mint salad? $2.50 for chimichuri? Absolute robbery. Any other middle eastern truck in the city would be less than half that. But they're at a brewery so they think they can charge more. Get right tf out.

  4. Idk I didn’t think it was too bad for the amount of food I got. I spent a lot the other night for subpar food so I’m not complaining.

  5. That's the issue, it's becoming too normalized here for food trucks to gouge people. This truck has no business charging Franklin prices (also high but supply and demand) just cause they can make that kind of money. Really making it hard to go out in Austin.

  6. Prime isn’t the best but it’s not that bad either. Some pretty good shows and movies are available. Thursday Night football is an added perk now too.

  7. There's a graph on here that shows who has the best/worst catalogue by rotten tomatoes standard and Prime has the worst.

  8. Would be interesting to see who's making money. Heard Prime lost a ton on its streaming.

  9. Who cares how it looks as long as it works well? After all, these are tools meant to be used not babied.

  10. Man the Broken Spoke is a racist monument from the sons and daughters of the Confederacy. FOH

  11. It's a shithole and the owners are trash. Could be a really cool monument to Austin's heritage, but again the owners are trash.

  12. Not true. I got over $400 from a class action lawsuit against Facebook. Since then, I've been joining class actions whenever they pop up.

  13. This is what separates the rich from the wealthy. Rich people want you to know they're rich, wealthy people don't care.

  14. With all the waste from the brisket, a chopped beef is an easy and quick option to add as a sandwich. End of the day, collect all your trimmings, chop em, and throw em in a container and sell them the next day as a chopped beef. No waste and ppl can get a quick sando too.

  15. Pound possibly half pound. These numbers aren't a reflection of what I'd charge for a pound

  16. You absolutely need to put by the pound or whatever volume you plan to sell by. I would put pound as most people's gut reaction is to order exactly what's on the menu rather than think of 1/4 or even slices (which of course you should still allow). This will lead to bigger sales rather than offering the option of a smaller portion right off the bat.

  17. Have you ever been inside to buy beer? The place isn't laid out to try and set up a taproom, unless they've got a big space off to the side somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if they're happy just staying how they are at that location as brewery/bottle shop only and open a second separate taproom

  18. They had a new spot that were going to open in Logan pre pandemic. Not sure if they still have the lease or not though.

  19. I wonder if you would have gotten that 2nd call if you’d said you wanted them shipped back. My guess is no.

  20. My guess is the rep who called me was not informed about the fact that I had complained on multiple sites about their quality. I assume that someone mentioned it to him and then called me immediately.

  21. Kill the china berry, but that chili pequin bush is fucking fabulous!! So jelly. protect it at all costs

  22. Yea I have not touched this area since the tree came down. Apparently it was a popular spot for animals to dump berries and seeds as all sorts of stuff has grown here. I have another pequin on my property that I also did not plant and have done nothing to ensure its survival. Sounds like I need to start watering it!

  23. Just a little nipper of Evan Williams Bourbon

  24. Lol, the classic Austin dichotomy of we are pro choice, but also pro gun. Gotta love it!

  25. Umm, you new here? F1 attracts nothing but entitled people from all over the globe. Probs my least favorite large event that Austin hosts. Plus, it's at Cota which is just always a shitshow. The best service industry jobs are at hotels, specifically banquets. It's starting to really heat up and they're hiring, take your skillz there!

  26. Wait, who's getting cleaned up and ready for action here?

  27. Best hidden gem in Chicago. Now delete this post or else we won't be able to enjoy it!

  28. Can you imagine making it that far in life thinking that's what good pizza is? Ignorance is bliss they say.

  29. Well you use the space while no one else is there, whether you pay a fee or not is up to the the partnership hut renting is what you're doing st all spaces that you use for a night.

  30. If you have plenty of thriving tomatoes, jimsonweed, peppers, or other

  31. My tomatoes dis not grow well this year so I'm just gonna let it live

  32. More surprised it's still open. Nice folks.

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