1. my ed kinda “disappeared” for like a year when i stopped taking adderall but the thoughts were still there, i just wasnt acting on what i thought and wanted, i would just binge or eat normally and it was honestly so much worse i much prefer being in the depths of anorexia to still having that disordered mindset while being unable to stop myself from eating so much everyday

  2. i miss when tub girl was at the top of this sub


  4. prolly bc everyone’s seen it so it got deleted / old news i actually don’t know i’m just throwin shut out there

  5. i hated it so much at first but i grew to love it, i didnt even realize it was gone til just now :(

  6. god i feel this so much,, like i crave a nurturing parental figure but i dont want it to be my parents, they kinda suck and theyre gross and i cringe at the idea of them even hugging me but like i crave that type of affection & attention probably because i never got it or wanted it from them :/

  7. i never had one and ive never had a job so i guess?

  8. for sure. only ever happens when im Heavy restricting or break a fast, it is much much preferable to being constipated while restricting. honestly if anything i look forward to the diarrhea

  9. ah this is so sad. i can tell just from the pfp and header its a scammer. i really wish i could just insert all the scammer info i have in my brain in everyone elses to save us all from being scammed 😣

  10. dont buy from anyone on twitter or instagram!! youll get scammed so fast, even here you will. NEVER buy from someone whos commenting or replying saying they have tickets because theyre most likely just claiming they have tickets to every show they can in attempts to scam anyone they can

  11. But why is it my problem that women can't look where they sit?

  12. i think the objectively fair option is for everyone to put the lid down, that way everyone has to open/close it when needed and theres never any issue, do you realize how much piss gets stuck on the underside of the bottom lid? thats not our piss. it only happens when men piss standing and miss and it seeps under, we shouldnt be forced to touch that shit just to go pee

  13. I think they're both objectively fair.

  14. its just the point like they will put the seat up for themselves and leave it open and if you complain its “at least i put it up!! at least i didnt piss on the seat!” its just sad how the bare minimum is apparently praise worthy to so many

  15. id assume probably not, theres a notable difference between the blood, pretty sure people who dont like blood mostly dont like it because its associated with injuries, period blood isnt

  16. ooo when did they last have a scab? and were they infected at all? it would make sense they still hurt if they got infected

  17. ooo that could be why! i dont do that so i wouldnt know lol

  18. i was just confused and uncomfortable and angry because my mom was making a big deal out of it and our relationship isnt good so i just felt like a spectacle idk it felt really bad n gross

  19. I'm so sorry. I saw they're offering refunds on the tickets at least.

  20. the refunds are confusing me so much, i bought resale tickets and in the email it makes it sound like the only options are to either see if the original buyer wants to refund or to sell them, i bought them for over $150 so i doubt theyll wanna refund me :/

  21. it hurts so bad man like i get it but i was looking forward to it wayyy too much i feel so empty now

  22. First off that comparison is random and very unhelpful.

  23. its hard to respond when you base your own response off assumptions of my understanding on this topic, i dont even know how to or have the energy to respond because i dont want to have to disprove each your assumptions to meet a common ground its just too much work. tho i will say detransitioning is way more common than you think, you just dont hear about it because its literally like a taboo to talk about in trans communities

  24. Well their general idea is that transness is a medical condition which is identified by experiencing dysphoria and is 'treated' by transitioning to the opposite gender with hormones and surgery. While this is a fairly common (and totally valid) experience of being trans, truscum believe it is the only valid experience. This is really harmful because it labels many people as "not valid", including anyone without dysphoria, or anyone who expresses gender differently (like non-binary), or anyone who doesn't wish to transition medically.

  25. honestly i feel like its kinda like ptsd or DID, you cant have those without having trauma, how can you be trans without having dysphoria? that genuinely makes no sense to me. i think theyre just confused, which is why its so easy to label as non binary and never medically transition, because a lot of them are probably not actually trans. thats why i feel like there should be a distinction, ive never heard of someone who fully transitioned to the opposite gender without dysphoria and didnt regret it eventually, unless it was like a kink thing

  26. im really hoping its going to happen ill be so sad if it gets canceled

  27. neck twitches are literally the easiest to fake how are they so bad at it

  28. tall doesnt really matter its just general size, if someones specifically going after females because theyre weaker theyre definitely less likely to go after tall fat ones than they would be short skinny ones, tho i feel like it would be easier to attack a tall skinny person than a short fat one

  29. its only like that if you specifically surround yourself with those people, as someone whos an avid lurker i see wayyy more fatphobes n shitty behavior all around but maybe its just the people i interact with

  30. some people dont even wash themselves so im not gnna hold a soap brand against someone at least theyre trying

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