1. You already said the problem, MAJOR BUSINESS, they don’t care about quality, they care about how much they can charge for the “highest potency”, remediated, grass clippings they call weed.

  2. That one is amazing, limonene journey of joy. I always store my concentrates in the mini fridge to keep the terps preserved, the dispos don’t have the best cold storage so I’ve found that helps.

  3. Surprisingly I haven’t had a consistency change idk if it’s gonna butter up more, it’s been 24 hours total. I’ve had it in my fridge since I bought it, The Landing told me they keep ‘em in the fridge as well.

  4. I had this although the effects are on point but it will not get anymore viscus sadly. Imo this is unacceptable for rosin it was this reason and the terribleness of the dark storm has just kept me away from there rosin for the moment. Which sux cuz this one taste so fucking good

  5. I do agree, effects are great, but I believe the consistency is just due to the high terpene content, and maybe due to pressing at higher temps. TBH I just see this as the process of Firelands getting dialed in. They are really moving in the right direction and I gotta give props to their extractor!

  6. I’ve been told that multi-state companies can take longer than a company based in Ohio, Even up to a couple days.I got mine in about 30 mins from Summit Releaf.

  7. Most likely multiple different cultivators, can’t speak specifically on them but most processors will buy from just about anyone with a license.

  8. seem to all match except the total THC maybe some off math?

  9. not good I’ll tell ya that 🤢

  10. I’ve personally never tried but I would avoid, it seems to be rosin cut with some kind of BHO wax, idk why they would even do that. 🤷‍♂️

  11. It's not rosin. It's like a wax with rosin jam consistency. It's a weird name for sure but they don't use rosin

  12. That’s honestly a relief, I just assumed based on how the company describes it.

  13. Picked up a station from you awhile ago! Still goin strong getting daily use, keep it up man!

  14. Oh no way man! I’m glad you’re still enjoying it!

  15. I had to double check you were the same guy! I saw this at first and thought someone was stealing your design 🤣🤣

  16. I don't understand why so many cannabis companies print THC on their flower labels the plant does not contain THC it's THCA then it's converted to THC through a lot of heat. But if this really is 38.8% THCA that's extremely high.

  17. It’s state law,all the different isomers of THC must be used to calculate a total THC when being consumed.

  18. Nope. closest you’ll get is pre ground flower, ohio only allows vaporization.

  19. Anytime homie! I don’t see the rules changing this year, but they’re not gonna bust your doors in for rolling a J instead of using a vaporizer, just remember tho it is state law.

  20. I’m just curious why it took them 9 months to package?

  21. Med patients/caregivers can possess a 90 day supply.

  22. Check out Ohio Cannabis Connection, they seem to have some of the best prices in the state, just get paperwork proving a medical condition you have and do a telehealth appointment, insurance isn’t gonna cover anything under our medical program.

  23. If you have like chronic knee pain but have never visited a doctor for it, would I still be able to get approved?

  24. also don’t be afraid to go to the doctor even if you think they won’t accept you, 99% of the time they will and if they don’t then you don’t get charged a penny.

  25. They would most likely ask you to get documentation because it is required by the state, the only exception is if they offer a PTSD evaluation in the appointment, this is what OCC does.

  26. You wanna smoke weed…. From a gas station? Come on now bro just think about it for more than 30 seconds.

  27. Finally been seeing a reasonable cure window from these guys. Used to be like 8 months or something like that.

  28. Still 4 months from harvest 🤢

  29. Congrats! Enjoy the free goodies man! Glad to see a company that actually delivers on their giveaways!

  30. That sucks but I get it happening and that’s awesome they were able to get you a refund and everything without a hassle… I ve only got their stuff once or twice but was always happy with it so glad to hear they are responsive to customers

  31. I got a second strain from them as well it, seems to be okay, haven’t tried yet I’m hoping for good things because they were 24$ on sale.

  32. Too bad you got this in your bag but good customer service on their end. I'm sure some of us back in the day have consumed worse lol.

  33. you said it best my friend, they def saved themselves with the customer support, I would’ve never thought to give them a second chance otherwise

  34. So glad to see this coming back! Needs to hit NW now!

  35. Yeah buts it’s not called “Rosin” it’s just dry sift. You press dry sift into rosin. Rosin is made with heat and pressure. I believe you’re combining hash and rosin into the same meaning.

  36. when you dry sift then press it , it’s called dry sift rosin , if it’s frozen , harvested , sifted then pressed then it’s dry sift live rosin

  37. I understand that I should’ve clarified more, there’s no way THIS product is what you are claiming to be dry sift rosin, if it’s been pressed then it shouldn’t look this way unless you’ve tried out all the terps, also why are we ignoring the fact that it literally says “hydrocarbon extraction” when that’s a clear indication it’s NOT rosin.

  38. I don't think the state would like to see this 👀

  39. Just 2 different forms of Ocimene that occur together.

  40. That looks like mandarin skittlez in the first pic. Information entropy?

  41. Virdis… oh wait wrong sub 🤣

  42. Would also love to know, between that and a peak pro

  43. I could totally do a full review, but to put it short its not worth 300$ but its a very convenient travel rig. I've been using for about 3 days and it dies fast. compared to the Peak Pro, its easier to clean and maintain but the chamber is lacking vapor production compared to the Peak, using the exact same temps.

  44. That’s sad to hear. I’m a huge pipe smoker and when I saw this with the attachment of the flower bowl I got very excited. Maybe I’ll hold off a little bit…

  45. The flower bowl to me is kinda pointless, you can only use the proxy glass with it and I wouldn’t wanna smoke any hash out of it until the glass was cleaned

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