1. Whenever I see this I always wonder if the sand would wear down the stone engraving over the years?

  2. Archaeology grad student here! I recently attended a headstone cleaning workshop, and yes: putting anything on the lettering of a gravestone (as thoughtful and well-intended as it is) leads to deterioration. This includes paint, because moisture gets trapped and the stone eventually deteriorates.

  3. I saw Tina Fey recently and she is 1) Still adorable 2) Strangely tiny. She is a little petite lady, it's interesting how cameras can make everyone look about the same height.

  4. I feel like this just like Chibi faces from old pixel 90's JRPGs. They have limited room to illustrate the face so they use exaggerated features to get the main features across.

  5. I had someone strongly recommend this to me a little after it came out. They really emphasized the tagline "Forget the Matrix!". I was a fan of the Matrix and other sci-fi/action films of the time so I figured I would give it a go. When I finally watched it I just did not get it. Something about it felt embarrassingly off. It just felt really cheesy to me and I could not get into it.

  6. Jim and Pam's love story was so successful it hijacked the show and they spent all the following seasons unsuccessfully trying to chase that high.

  7. slide whistle noise as it extends and noodles around

  8. Let's just say I'm really into... something.

  9. When Jar Jar stepped in that big pile of shit.

  10. Whoever they pick, I would really like them to go the same route as Daft Punk and make the whole soundtrack like it's some sort of concept album. I feel like this is how Daft Punk approached it and I think it's what makes it so good. I also would vote the Glitch Mob, but that's just one man's opinion.

  11. I'm gonna say not good boomer humor. The punchline seems to be that "kids these days" don't understand how things work.

  12. Good continuity in Kevin's sentence structure. "He lives on Sesame Street" just like how Kevin was "on Dallas."

  13. The dude in the center of the sliding glass door has no ass. He must have a really good personality.

  14. Not trying to bring the room down or anything, but after having been cheated on my last 3 relationships, I know all too well how it feels and I would never allow myself to put someone else through that. Whether they know about it or not, at the end of the day, I will know and that's enough.

  15. Completely agree. Also, from what I've seen, there is a mental toll to being a cheater. You could have just not been in a relationship. So to go outside of it while still actively working to stay inside of it you have to do some mental gymnastics.

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