1. They sell brushes like this at the buck store I get a 3 packs for 1'25$ check the ile with all the kitchen stuff

  2. Omg it is mcr im so happy. I was an emo bitch today lmao

  3. Someday ima turn 18 and be able to smoke like this🤣

  4. The coolest town in all of Canada. A place where you can learn to play guitar, go to the library, and buy crystal meth all on one street. The people are rude, the down town is a hole, and the high schools are breeding grounds for sluts. There's only one bookstore and the mall is shit. There are more Tim Hortons than gas stations. The kids are selfish brats, and you can get mugged walking your dog. More people smoke pot here than in Amsterdam. There are five high schools-no one counts tolgate-which are Assumption, BCI, North Park, PJ, and St. John's.

  5. Halfway through my lungs are screaming 😱 I need to get good like you

  6. I'm Canadian so I always just giver haha a little passion goes a long way to

  7. Damn, homie vibing to some classics, now I wanna toke to some MCR! Epic rip too!

  8. ur bong is a lucky bitch! nice vid . hansome fella

  9. Pens don’t do it for me, I just try to make my morning and lunch break worthwhile with some banger rips

  10. I feel this and when smoking it I keep in mind that on the back of mine they normally say equivalent to 4g of dried flower. (bought it honesly for convenience only) An I also don't get high on one puff of a joints I do find I have to hit the pen quite a few times to get the high I'm looking for. Witch is still a very mild high compared to my bong rip before work. But yes I agree with you wish my lunch break was longer then 30. And I would shoot home.

  11. I get an hour so I get a snack, nap and a couple dabs in before I gotta go back! Not bad getting stoned and detailing cars!

  12. Wait, does his beard have its own beard?

  13. Man I hate creases I don't own a heat brush but the blow dryer helps a lot

  14. Interesting packaging. I’ve never bought a cart that packages it straight in the shipping envelopes. Dope all around ✌️

  15. Haha that's just the colour of the bag but I see what you see now 🤣

  16. Those are the only carts I actually like, well anything that’s FSE or live resin and not distillate. Best price for FSE carts in my opinion

  17. Facts did not even notice that till pointed out. Does taste and hit decent tho cheers mate 🤙☺️

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