1. Care to share what other protocols you are using for detox? I’m just curious.

  2. Long list of vitamins, glutathine IM injections, IV therapy , lots of water

  3. What a great physique. You are right about that gyno, not good at all. Congrats on the placement and all the hard work that went into it.

  4. Ya it’s so bad that I won an IFBB pro show with 26 guys in the lineup

  5. This is not Cbum, this is a redditor named Blake Course, with username

  6. Let me preface my next paragraph by saying this is not me being a dick in anyway.

  7. You’re right at the Olympia levels it’s the tiny details. I’m looking into getting them out early 2023

  8. Good stuff, been considering doing the same but not sure if it’s worth it considering I’m not a pro and they’re pretty negligible like yours.

  9. Comes down to if you’re comfortable with it or not reaally

  10. How insecure are you where you gotta chirp someone’s physique and then post a close up of your nipples to ‘defend yourself’ - take a seat

  11. Shows flute detail better, truer sense of condition vs shorts on

  12. How the fuck do you make the weight cap for classic? Do you swallow a helium balloon before weigh-ins?

  13. Lol my cutoff is 230, I’m already under it

  14. Looking amazing! I'd say you might want to deplete a bit more than expected. You have way more size than most of the guys, but classic judges are extreme on the condition. Last olympia is a great example. There were some like top 5 dudes who moved down just from condition. They reward really conditioned structures more than the muscles themselves. Just look at urs and 2019-2020 cbum biceps. Or dabulls placings etc.

  15. Conditioning is always everything. A month is also a long time to get tighter

  16. Yes, so they say. Yet all the scientific evidence says otherwise.

  17. Sometimes bro science wins man. I know a ton of top level guys that train the same way as me

  18. Man you're killing it. You have an outstanding physique and it's been a fun journey watching you compete and become a pro. You work out at pure muscle and fitness right?

  19. I'd nominate him as our honorary Prime Minister of this sub. He's the hero we deserve.

  20. Pretty crazy you’re gonna be on the stage with Cbum. Even if you don’t place top 6, you are a winner in our book

  21. You look great man. Excited to see you up there!What’s your diet like working with Patrick?

  22. yeah i figured thats who you meant. i really dont like his physique at all, I honestly dont see how he got there. (please known that by no means am i comparable). thats just to say his physique just isn't my cup of tea and so i guess it doesnt impress me

  23. Congrats on the win & qualification brother. Any goal in mind for placing, or just stoked to be there?

  24. Thanks brother. A bit of both. I’m a competitor but I’m also a realist . Top 10 would be incredible and that’s where I want to be

  25. have really enjoyed watching your prep dude. congratulations. got my ticket and boarding the hype train, next stop, olympia!

  26. You look insane! The guy who came in 2nd place actually trains at the gym I go to, I can’t imagine how wild you must look in person to have beaten him 😂

  27. Same here. Almost bought the PPV stream just to see him on stage lol

  28. Awesome guys. Can’t wait to get on stage 💯

  29. Damn dude I really hope you win and hope to see you on the Olympia stage sometime .. You have the most potential out of anyone in this sub.

  30. -xc- says:

    just curious what you mean by every day is hard now? like lack of energy because of strict eating or other reasons? i've never been that absolutely DICED before so just curious how you're feeling when it comes to these final weeks.

  31. Yeah just like rundown, low energy and hungry. But it’s short term and all part of the game

  32. Absolutely nutty physique - is making weight tricky for you?

  33. Aye Savannah is where I grew up. I just moved away 8 months ago. I hope my hometown treats you well. Looking good brother.

  34. Where should I visit while I’m there? I’ve got 1 day of being a tourist there after the show… also where should I eat??

  35. Buddy was pretty accurate. Plant riverside is the spot right now. If you feel like walking around, alley cat, is another cool bar. Lady and sons is pretty good if you’re looking to pig out after the show. It’s traditional southern style stuff. Also B’s Cracklin BBQ was on the food network. Delicious BBQ but it’s not downtown. City market is pretty cool. Almost always some live music and dancing going on. There’s also vinnie van goh goh’s pizza which is absolutely delicious but you will almost assuredly have to wait a while to get in. Wet willys is right by there too which is a cool place. They make for lack of a better term alcoholic-slushees that will absolutely get you tatered.

  36. What do you think about your conditioning now vs last show at 5 weeks out? Planning on doing back to back shows?

  37. I think I’m less conditioned this year truthfully. But I plan on peaking on time and not dragging ass for 3 weeks.

  38. obsessed with that slab of meat you have on the top of your forearms. is that a deliberate training focus?

  39. Thanks for the info. If I may ask, what's your daily caloric intake? I've been practicing mostly carb-free or low-cal diets in the past as I've been into calisthenics and wanted to maintain a shredded look, but starting this year, I decided to bulk up and step into BB. It's kinda hard for me to go over 80 kg :(

  40. I’m around 3k right now but keep in mind I’m dieting

  41. Lets GO! see you at Savannah Pro

  42. Do you find that Patrick emphasizes fullness over super sharp condition? I've worked with him in the past for a prep and it was the easiest prep I had done, in terms of dieting. I looked good on stage. He brought me in very full with good condition, but not that laser sharp look that I typically end up bringing, but although with a flatter look.

  43. He balances condition with fullness as all good coaches do. Cannot sacrifice one for the other

  44. Training splits; what’s your favourite? And if applicable which one do you hate but force yourself to do because of better results?

  45. Sorry I answer my split all the time on here and I truly don’t think it matters what order you train in… I follow a pretty standard bro split

  46. Lol yeah it's weird how reddit scrunches it all together! 😆

  47. Thanks for the reply. You must be eating carbs like a horse! I'm eating 5400 / day, trying to bulk up.

  48. Train hard, create a demand for them, don’t get too fat, metformin if you have to. Genetically I handle them well never had much of an issue

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