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Had to be realistic with my Tacoma.

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  1. how long does it take to swim with a scuba suit?

  2. After u exit the compound, just loot the targets in the small shed below the coms tower, grab the bike, and immediately drive straight to the road just north of you and drive off into the water for a good 50 foot cut off the swim and just start swimming past the mines. Takes me right at 20 seconds of a swim....Elite challenge every time. Its always right at 9 min 3p seconds to 10 min 30 seconds depending on little slow ups here and there.

  3. I loot the whole main dock if I don’t fill up my loot bags, is that not worth the time?

  4. Its all in however you wanna do it bud, but I always hit the 2 closest locations after escaping the compound so I can get out of there quickly unless I already missed the elite challenge and then I will take my time

  5. I jist bought my xbox series x and from the looks of it, the hdmi port is messed up. It wont connect to my tv....Brand new system. Havent even seen it on my tv yet and now im gonna have to send it back

  6. I dont care about who can beat it the fastest, however, almost 1.8 million is nice. How did you accomplish that? Is coke and weed worth more than cash in the hiest? Trying to figure out what product makes the most money if it changes at all between them

  7. Then you probably shouldnt be here.....Griefing is just like getting bullied. Thats the easiest example I can give you

  8. You're telling that you hate griefers, right? Well if they ain't cheating by any means, reporting them is completely useless. Rockstar can't even ban the real cheaters/ modders, banning griefers is just impossible :( I'm sorry for your bad experience

  9. I only have a problem with them because Rockstar does nothing to protect players from these toxic individuals. They PROMOTE IT!!! They want to make comments like dont like it or will do whatever to stop it when a player takes thier own life over a game that they made but in all reality they do nothing to help these players and atop the griefing. I understand how it could be abused just like any other system of reporting but reporting for gtiefing should be the HIGHEST PRIORITY to them. Not who is cheating or using exploits to rob money from thier pockets. THATS WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT

  10. Sniping means searching for an expensive car that someone is selling for cheap. You buy this car, sell it for the higher price (also useful if you have a high level of design or tuning, allowing you to sell it for a higher cost). Rince and repeat.

  11. Ok....I get it....On the real, if you dont have several million to buy one of those cars, then how are you gonna even start that? Example....The La Ferrari is 20 million credits. And one more question....I have a 22 million dollar Jaguar D Type but when I tried to auction it, it was down to 2 million or less. Why did it loose so much?

  12. Every car has way less value at auction than its real price. Although tuning and design levels allow you to sell it at much higher price. You can start with searching cheaper cars to buy/sell, then going for bigger ones. There's a lot of posts in this subreddit showing how cheap they bought an expensive car.

  13. I dont pay much attention to posts. Just those that catch my eye. Lol. But thanks for the great info. I appreciate it and Ill give it a shot.


  15. I want a Ferrari LaFerrari Forza.....Where is my code? This is BULLSHIT AT THE HIGHEST CALIBER OF BULLSHIT THAT THERE IS.....Fucking whiner and bum gets a car from begging the dev team.....WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

  16. This car makes me wonder why it wasnt put on there in the first place? I totally forgot about this car.....And its cool as beans. This proves that these devs dont do a shred of research....Just throw shit in there

  17. Like this weeks Horizon 7 reward is a Super Wheelspin....So NOT WORTH IT....WHO CARES. The Elimator is the ONLY thing left this game has to offer and the rewards suck now so im still on the fence

  18. Im so upset at the Wheelspins and Super Wheelspins that my playtime has went down. Those were what I was mainly after and when your getting 1 K off MOST YOUR WHEELSPINS NOW, it just makes ALL the rewards GARBAGE!!! A DUMPSTER FIRE GONE BAD!!!

  19. I honestly dont care about upvotes but thanks, i guess. Lol. An answer would be nice. Lmao

  20. No sir....There isnt a single good song on the entire game. All the music is straight garbage so whats the point in having it on if all it does is annoy me because they didnt do a better job.....Forza is going downhill fast. Cant wait till the next one releases to prove to everyone that they get worse with each game they release

  21. I already bought a Jesko from the shop. Koenigsig is my favorite car and car company. I love everything they produce. Its always an amazing car. So I bought em all. Along with every 2 or 3 mil hyper car in the shop. I still havent completed that story line so ill get another there and NOW A 3rd Jesko.....Seriously....

  22. Out of all the list of stuff they did they didnt do anything good for us. I wish they would fix the Eliminator Event....Make it to where once you get the Lambo or that level of car that head to heads are disabled for you but your automatically entered in the final race. Im sick of Lambos going after Beetles and slower cars for an easy win. Or just never finding any car drops that dont totally suck balls. I have ONLY EVER FOUND A PURPLE DROP 1 TIME....1 F*****G time out of every bit of 300 plus times running that event. Its basically whoever gets those purple drops will be in the top 5 if not winning it every time. Now this bullshit with the Wheelspins came out and it seems all im hitting in credits wise is below 10k now. Its like they set it up to where thats what your getting more often than not. Ive NEVER seen a game that takes away rewards and gives even WORSE than what they had. This ISNT BALANCING....THIS IS BULLSHIT

  23. Im HIGHLY PISSED at the Car Mastery point changes and Wheelspin changes as well....They made the game worse by this move. Like, I dont give a shit about ANY of the fixes they did because this bullshit overshadowed every bit of good they did. All I see is they screwed the game up


  25. WE NEED A SHIT TON OF BODY KITS. These could change the entire look of the cars we already have. Or just let us have some Monster Truck size tires for alot of the trucks and cars, even Lambos and Ferraris. That alone could be a game changer....They got Hoonigan and a ton of other licensing. Ill bet they wouldnt or didnt have to ask that hard either. Rare and limited cars like this are MOST DEFINITELY what we need. This would be a cool addition and they could make a championship series against the Cobra that I would definitely participate in.

  26. More realistic would have been a D500. Lol

  27. I came here to say your opinion is wrong and you smell

  28. Why in the hell did you get an award for a dumb ass comment?

  29. Lol, I have not been able to make buggies work for me so far in fh5. They’re fun to drive but I can hardly control them.

  30. Keep practicing with it. Thats the ONLY way you get better with it....Put it to the floor in straight driving but watch the corners and stomping on the gas hard. It causes the vehicle to raise up and get off balance, BUT as you get more familiar with how it handles, you will learn how to use those to your advantage. It can help the turns when you learn how

  31. Not an Audi fan particularly and NO, Tony Stark ALWAYS driving an Audi didnt sway me towards Audi a single bit. The R8 is the coolest car Audi has and its not that great. So many other cars are better and more fun to drive so in my opinion, WHO CARES ABOUT AUDI CARS? Not very many

  32. I just wish they would stop giving me dresses when I picked a MALE character.....Its fucking insulting

  33. Lmao....I thought this was a glitch and kept on driving. Lmao

  34. It sucks because I really like industry baby but it’s essentially the instrumental with 7 words in it. I bet papa Fernando got to listen to the uncensored version in his vocho sent down from heaven to us

  35. Omg....I got so tired of hearing about Papa Fernando....

  36. This is why I dont get into teams or convoys and for that matter, even engage with other players, simply because MOST players are douchebags that only think of thier self. What few actual game friends I have dont care for those players either. So I dont get when these douchebags are going to realize that they are unwanted and hated.....At best

  37. This old man needs his own comedy show. Lol

  38. Endorphins are a hell of a thing my friend. That and the instant dopamine hit of beat saber. If it works it works

  39. Your so right my friend. Im a combat veteran and now a former addict because of it and how I chose to handle my PTSD and my injuries. Nothing like the real thing once your body does what it should.

  40. There's actually so many stories and studies of VR helping depression and PTSD. I actually heard one and it convinced to buy a Vive, and, though it might be placebo, just using it made me feel a lot happier. Like, not even with a therapy app, just some beatsabre and my day was made. And as far as I know, its not an addictive kind of thing either.

  41. Honestly, can you sit there and type that this couldnt ve addicting. Your only fooling yourself my friend. Im a Combat Veteran myself and I made it thru ALL my PTSD issues without a machine warping my reality so I couldnt feel the pain anymore. THE PAIN IS IMPORTANT. Fighting back and thru it is even more important. Its how you beat. THIS ISNT BEATING IT! This is pushing it back furthur and deeper in your mind and when it finally comes out, someone is getting hurt. I speak from experience

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