1. i’m a little confused, so if i was to stand in mars, i would be able to hear that?

  2. how many times have you deleted and reposted this? you'll never get an answer if you keep reposting it.

  3. apologies, post would automatically get deleted, didn’t know it still showed up for everyone. overall, i would appreciate an answer from anyone, don’t ever want to contact anyone associated to kroger

  4. Hello everyone, I received this letter in the mail regarding me owing union fees even after quitting nearly three weeks ago. What happens if I don't pay the fees? What does suspension of membership mean? Thanks

  5. my T started in my right ear too my second year in uni. it’s been hard, i have my good days and bad days. my bad days consist of my anxiety increasing and my headaches(caused by past covid infection) to really increase in pressure. overall, i gave up using headphones and stayed away from loud music unless wearing earplugs. when i’m at my desk doing homework or studying, i always have a fan while playing low music through my ipad. Please be strong, there’s literally cures being invented at this moment(look into susan shore device and elon musks neuralink)This will NOT be a forever thing.

  6. same here, it happened to me once but i believe it’s consider “normal”. My ENT who also has T says that occurs to him too

  7. I mean I get it, covid is still a thing. Thousands get sick from it everyday. Kinda wish the U.S still cared about covid

  8. thanks for the comments and advice. I wanted to add little more of my thoughts. Overall I believe the store manager took my no for an answer as personal. Every coworker told me the same advice as here in the comments. I’m not staying long-term at this job so I feel like fighting this with the union could be worth it. Thanks everyone

  9. i actually keep dog trash bags in the glove box

  10. we’re mostly getting scallion/iceberg lettuce shortages😔

  11. this looks so nice, this would be gone and messed up in about 30 minutes at my grocery store

  12. to add on: i wouldn’t know my contract. I work in Los Angeles, CA in the produce department (Food4Less)

  13. Fr. I spoke to someone from the distribution office and that’s what they told me, but I really do hope it’s in November 😩

  14. it could be distributed in two parts? First November then January maybe?

  15. wait so all these years, you’ve never wondered how to unlock certain attachments(scopes,grips, muzzles,etc)?

  16. odd answer but Lana Del Rey, it would be interesting

  17. honestly just wishing we had the first UI from the xbox one

  18. It’s actually fun, i do miss it sometimes over my awful produce job. Try to take pride in cleaning/refilling and in making sandwiches look great(not messy).

  19. “Did you try looking first or did you go ask an employee?”

  20. she should honestly give you a gift and thank you as a customer

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