1. Ma'am this is a Wendy's. Get your food and leave.

  2. Don't spend any more heads on Martel and save them for SoC commanders. If you are f2p I'd focus on just one march till you are in SoC. First of all: a mixed army means leadership or Integration tree, both suck. Aethel Joan looks good but it's targeted because of its squishines and its buff/debuff importance on the field. As f2p you will need to heal a lot and with more marches you'll be soon out is troops. I know, I ran 3 marches in KvK 1 and after 10 minutes the fun was over.

  3. What have you seen that's better? What's can I do to improve it? Got a month. Enough time to focus on something.

  4. Upgrade all your units to t4 except siege. If your cm is not at least 5311, get bjorn + sun, bjorn is primary, put all your gems in vip during mtg, google the best combos, hoard gold heads till kvk3

  5. Martel is 5511, gold heads haven't been touched. I thought till kvk2 but yeah.

  6. I’m in kvk 1 and it just doesn’t make any sense to me, I play the game quite a bit and I don’t even have 1 level 60 commander but it’s difficult to even get an expertised epic commander but they have multiple how does this work? What do I do to get multiple expertised commanders and get them to level 60 quickly?

  7. I love that ppl are going nah, just enjoy pve for awhile till you get stronger. And he's just ignoring it. Like... Why post and ask for opinions and then ignore advice?

  8. There's an item that for every death you have a few heros die with it. It's a literal cake walk with that.

  9. Haha I had a feeling you guys go for emojis. They're actually toxic af lol

  10. I'm sorry but no... I'm guessing you're 100% f2p.

  11. The bus that I saw had stickers on it that said Randy’s Tire Shop. I just googled them because I know they don’t have a Facebook page, and they posted on their google listing 6 days ago that they would be closed for earth day to clean up the earth, so I’m betting it was them.

  12. Well got damn. I was planning on getting tires. Now I know where I'm going

  13. That's trash that was picked up along the road today. There was a bunch of people in a school bus that were cleaning up alongside the road.

  14. Ah... Well damn I had no idea there was that much trash along the road. Good for them.

  15. Had to turn off my phone. Fixed whatever was wrong. Ty :)

  16. Um thx but its one hour u think theres a shorter one

  17. You've been playing for months but can't spend an hour to watch a video of the game you're playing?

  18. Oh, actually I know fanfic by heart, it's my favourite. The thing is, it's not in English. If you are interested, I can share a link.

  19. Wizards are probably more powerful than the vast majority of Pokémon. Some of the stronger, faster Pokémon could pose a threat but Pokemon would generally be easier to deal with than HP universe magical creatures because they wouldn’t have any natural resistance to magic outside of type resistances.

  20. And unlike Charizard, a dragon is an actually dragon instead of a fire lizard with wings.

  21. Brooo how dare you not mention where tf these fics are??? Spoiler to WHAT?

  22. Why not? Quite a bit of fanfiction says magic is hereditary. Squibs may not have it themselves but that's the funny thing about genetics. It can skip a generation or so.

  23. Cool story. But um... she did so with reasonable success. We're still talking about it 3 decades later.

  24. He sat alone in his tower. Lightning raged above. His feathered partner fleeing from his perch.

  25. "... Luna, I'm sorry that you seem to have missed this, but I am your friend. Not to mention that I'm pretty sure Ginny was already your friend when you and I first met."

  26. Sometimes it's good to be reminded. Like a so asking if you love them. Luna had so much mocking done in Canon and sometimes ff it'd be hard to deal with irl. I don't remember anyone ever sticking up for her in Canon. It just kind of... Faded into the background.

  27. I'm Fairly sure Ginny defended her at least once... I think telling someone off in book five for calling her loony, and I think the bat bogey hex that caught Slughorn's attention in the train in book six was in her defense too.

  28. If I could use it, it was a good one but you get limited to two and heros get more powerful so you need all the buffs you can get.

  29. The undead are 3 characters only so you mean put the 3 diferent undeads in the front line of every room and some other in the 3 other places becouse there are 6 places every room. I mean: 3 melees: undead and back to them 3 ranged like for example the chimera sniper, the devil healer and other buffer or debuffer ?????????

  30. In later levels you have only 5 slots. Sorry, forgot the glory days of having 6 slots.

  31. I've found what works when doing research to time it so you have all the green, them all the blue, so when you need stronger mons the research is finished.

  32. You think so? I tried to use undeads in other races but it was not worth it, only the devil one has a good enough ability.

  33. Yeah, not a fan of ghosts except the one that amplifies the attack. But tbh you're much further in the game than me.

  34. Trolls and dragons. 1 green dragon, 1 blue, and when I get purple I evolve the greens first. I don't like the goblins because I never have money.

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