1. Your planning on making one of the most common still imported cheapest not real aks a display gun? Bruh.

  2. Idk how people run out honestly, I spent tons for each banner still got almost 17k. I float around 14-17k

  3. What’s it chambered in can have it vary. I wouldn’t value a x39 or a 6.5 Grendel Vepr slant back very high personally.

  4. Barrel length? I wouldn’t want one with a 16 inch personally. But I guess 1k-1200. I got a 54r 20.5 inch for 1400. Still feel like I over paid a bit but it’s something I really wanted so take that into account if you really want that.

  5. I am grateful I grew up broke and am happy with my lightly used 2017 Subaru legacy. Owe less than 6k on it gonna pay it off early this year and stick with it. Gotta spend money on the project car now lmao

  6. How you like the magwel adapter? I don’t think I’d get one for my 762 aks but it’s crossed my mind for 556

  7. I would seriously think about fucking up a bank account for a .300blk krink.

  8. Are you still able to find Vepr’s I’m probably leaning into a PSL because I want a semi auto that isn’t B&T import price

  9. Pawn shops for veprs, they were advertised as hunting rifles and in sporter configs. Pawn shops loaded with hunting rifles in general, might find one, it’s where I found mine

  10. A single person should assimilate to a entire country not a entire country assimilate to them.

  11. This been cool, have it require a moderately higher crafting level for it instead of another drop.

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