1. alles außer nicht zu laute raketen, die schön aussehen

  2. Did it really seem like I was serious so much?

  3. How aggressively do you open doors? If it opened outward it probably would have just given him a bump, he would've been fine. Babies bounce, as they say.

  4. why are you taking this so seriously? it was just a joke, funny or not

  5. Ich wünschte die Lieder nach Drama wären nie passiert...

  6. can someone tell how many hours from now?

  7. Although dead cells is hard and requires a controller to enjoy the full experience, it’s a really satisfying and addicting rogue game. What they’ve done well is provide a sense of progression so that you’re slowly getting stronger and better as you play.

  8. I couldn't get into Dead Cells but loved Dysmantle so that gets my vote.

  9. In terms of classic turn-based roguelikes, I highly recommend

  10. Can I expect a long playtime with Shattered Pixel Dungeon?

  11. would you say that i'll be busy for a long time with this game?

  12. would you say that i'll be busy for a long time with this game?

  13. I’ve tried quite a few of them, and the main issue they all have is too long games. On mobile I would prefer games to last a maximum of 5 minutes. 15-20 is just way too long to play on the subway or in the bathroom.

  14. If you want a game that goes 5 minutes per round at maximum, MOBA is the wrong genre for you

  15. This happened to me yesterday, woke up to an almost dead phone. This is an ios bug and mine sometimes triggers on the magsafe charger

  16. i'll try to drain my battery to 0 and fully charge it again to calibrate it

  17. The fact that skins cost too much for the value and that Blizzard gets more and more greedy doesn't stop me from having fun with OW2 and loving it. Also, I don't really care.

  18. I wonder if it'll be a great time to start playing it

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