1. Woh, I wouldn't have known there's a demo update if not for this! Yayyyy~

  2. This is the best cat bed. Five pizza boxes, yay. ^^

  3. I like the proportions in this one. Everything feels correct, to my untrained eye. ^^

  4. Glad I am awake to see this post early. Day 156 of asking for Amiya from arknights.

  5. Shawwwww ~ (Dorothy event ex stages are tomorrow, yay)

  6. I like adding chocolate sauce to the top, and making funny faces with it. It goes really nice with Swiss cheese in the sandwich. :3

  7. Aaaa I love her hair(s), I'm excited for this one~ :vihappy:

  8. Again, you posted while I was asleep. Beautiful art and cut girls as always. Day 154 of asking for Amiya from arknights.

  9. Shawwwww ~ ...The latest event is nice. I got past the story mode boss yesterday, I only had Surtr as a viable boss killer. :3

  10. Everyone there is white. They have suits for children. Everyone there has suits. Wooooo...

  11. ...Huh. Maybe the Head is a fan of Hollow Knight, so they knew to remove good end Angela as quickly as possible.

  12. I'm very much not following this exchange, mind filling me in?

  13. The OP was implying they'd whale for the character. The replies turned it into a Hollow Knight reference. At the end of that game, obvious spoilers from here on out for Hollow Knight and Library of Ruina, it's revealed that our player character is a zombie bug without a will of its own, and is thus truly the Hollow Knight that embodies darkness and ruin, with no will to break. We end up consuming the entire bug nest by the end of the game. I connected it to the Head ousting Angela and company at the end of Library of Ruina, where Angela decided to live on while identifying as an AI and not being in conflict with her inner self. To the Head, it would seem like a Hollow Knight situation, with something that acts human, but isn't. Much like the player in Hollow Knight!

  14. I think that they don’t really manage how long does it take to arrive do they? I don’t remember where I read it or if I made it up

  15. They do. A longer time difference means more profits per train.

  16. What is with the ridiculous CAPTCHAs I always get with Epic now?

  17. I hope he enjoys the nuggies. They look wonderful. <3

  18. Cheeeeeese :cheese: 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

  19. ...I have the strangest urge to spin the face around like it's a roulette wheel

  20. Nyoooom~ I like the hair in the upper right! ...I don't have much to say about anime faces, the simplified anime forms are good for showing emotions, and relatively easy to draw. Not great for showing the history of a person though, outside of overt things like an eye patch or a large face marking. Not much can beat showing the wrinkles of a grandma who smiles a lot, or the impossibly smooth skin of someone just out of plastic surgery, or the weathered face of a fisherman facing the stormy seas for years upon years, or the baggy eyes of an overworked teen who really needs more sleep. Real faces just give a lot more than anime ones.

  21. yeah that's also true! I do like how anime faces can show emotion though, there are so many talented artists who do it so well

  22. Mmh, it's amazing~ I'm so curious about what you'll try with the faces, hehe.

  23. It's so weird someone is arguing this sort of logic when right now Florida is trying to make it against the law to use proper pronouns for a trans person. They've already punished Disney (however severe or minor you think the punishment is) for speaking out against their Don't Say Gay law. Teachers have gotten fired for posting bookshelves empty because of Florida's laws.

  24. ...Does that apply if I use those pronouns for myself while in Florida, or for people residing outside of Florida? Or does this only apply to those on Florida's payroll? How does this work if I'm vacationing there, or if I'm associated with someone who lives there? I don't wanna get people in trouble.

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