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  1. This whole paragraph contradicts your original comment, as well as the replies following. Your entire reason for making the first comment was "Fuck this kid because he likes minecraft". And then after somebody replies to you saying that's messed up, you made multiple replies trying to defend yourself. You aren't sorry for what you did, and what do you mean you sorted things out with this person (genuinely, I think you deleted the comment because I can't see the rest of the thread)? If you're going to be a massive douchebag expect for some of that douchery to be reflected back at you. This is the internet after all, single handedly the most spiteful environment known to man. You were an asshole, and now you are being called out on it

  2. Tbh, if you’re dead set on getting him a mouthpiece you have to ask him what he wants, mouthpieces are super subjective

  3. I’m like 90% sure this is satire

  4. And it’s basically a 1070 with pt and a fancy new heatsink

  5. He said "it just went" and I completed the sentence with a visual. I just felt like doing it at that moment :D

  6. I don’t understand the visual? Could you explain it to me?

  7. Sure, vertical lines are legs and double quotes are supposed to be toes. I tried my best :D

  8. Imagine telling the whole world your therapist knows you’re faking did

  9. The title sounds a lot like “it doesn’t fit the sub, but I didn’t like the joke”

  10. They identify as a traffic cone, but when will they identify as original?

  11. I identify as a multi ton cargo truck about to fucking slam into that traffic cone at 70 mph

  12. Yes, that includes shipping. I recently purchased the silver-plated model (which cost a little more)… Total price shipped to my door was $646.34.

  13. It's probably getting downvoted as this is one of the most frequently asked questions in the Linux world and you're getting "punished" for not doing enough homework.

  14. They're a member of the rodent family that will push over your bins at night and scatter trash all over your yard. And they're vicious little things. Sharp pointy teeth.

  15. I thought that was a natural response to cool of the food

  16. Nope, never. I am never checking for this. I am just going to live with the fact I will never know, and not care because I haven’t been bothered by them rather than learn and then be paranoid

  17. The ballsy move is to play a Cadets excerpt from previous years but really any top 12 corps except would work well

  18. I think op was referring to their previous show with the raiders

  19. can you download onto a USB stick and then sneakernet it?

  20. Im pretty new so I dont know exactly what I am saying, but I heard something about the drivers being in the kernel? Something about the chipset. What is sneakernet?

  21. yeah, those are Windows drivers. Linux drivers might not exist, or have a convoluted install process. You need to know the make/model and possibly the chipset. Then google linux driver and keep digging until you find the answer. It once took me 3 weeks of spare time to get a USB video card working.

  22. I know what you’re referring to, I made a number of posts asking questions about that process as I tried to go through it with my main device, and I was told I wouldn’t have to go through that with this one

  23. I’m truly amazed by how stupid the people around me are both in real life and in the cyberspace, please go back to high school and actually graduate this time 🙂

  24. Buddy, read the room. You’re only embarrassing yourself. If everybody under this post is telling you it is wrong for the same reasons then you are probably wrong. Please, go outside and and learn some social cues to better your experience with the people around you and in the cyberspace 🙂

  25. I’ve read the room these past few days both irl and online and what I’ve learned is that humanity is doomed

  26. Maybe it is, but it definitely isn’t because you made a mistake by posting something irrelevant on Reddit. You are not a super genius who is just too god brained to be understood by the rest of Reddit, you are not special. You made a mistake, this is not a redditmoment, quite frankly you continuing to blame everybody for your own mistake is a redditmoment in itself. It isn’t that difficult to admit you are wrong. Trust me.

  27. Bach, Yamaha, Getzen, Edwards, S.E Shires, Conn are some off the top of my head

  28. Thein, greenhoe just to name some unmentioned ones

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