1. God, I worked at the McDonald’s where they did this photo shoot, I’d never have thought to see that here

  2. They’re giving progressive post-Fascism right wing Nationalism a go. Imagine Trump but a woman, clever, and coherent.

  3. Progressive? Clever and coherent? Are we talking about the same person? Also nationalist=/=Europe first

  4. In Italian “Villano” is someone who is very rude, it also comes from “villains” a person that lived in country villages

  5. I know banks like this were lethal, but I’d love to see one being raced.

  6. This part of the track caused a crash that killed 14 people in 1961, that was the last time they used the old Parabolica for the Grand Prix Race. If you want to see how it worked, they shot a movie here and you can find good scenes on YouTube, the movie is called “Grand Prix” (1966)

  7. The old pic should be from the 50s but I’m not sure

  8. • “Executed” diventa “esecuto, eseguito, esecuzionato” invece di “giustiziato” • “Vivi sotto una roccia” • “giochi giochetti stupidi vinci premi stupidi” • “non è scienza missilistica” • “ho bumpato into qualcuno” •”in primo luogo” • “versa il te, sorella” • “prendila con un pizzico di sale”

  9. Executed anche in iglese si può usare col significato di eseguito

  10. Lo so, per questo mi viene “eseguito” mentre intendo “giustiziato”

  11. I don’t know if it works for other countries too but in Italy I can see it on Amazon Prime Video

  12. Australia do get invited to the Eurovision, it's very popular over there and have been invited as special guests for the last 5-6 years. They understand it's just a bit of fun and embrace it (they even won it in 2019, hosting it in 2021 as winners do), I'm not sure the Americans would understand the nature of the competition. The Germans and Brits proudly battle it out for last position each year for example.

  13. The Netherlands won in 2019, australia never won but they came second in 2016

  14. I live in Italy so it lockdowns happened earlier. The first thing I remember was that in early February 2020 the Chinese new year parade here in Milan was canceled, but nobody took the virus seriously at first, then in late February I was at a mall with a friend of mine and she said that our university would be closed “for a week”, then it became two weeks, until the 7th of march, when they announced that the next day almost everything would be closed and you couldn’t travel between the regions, so people

  15. Why is every song in Italian? Is that mandatory?

  16. Socks and sandals? Are you a german tourist?

  17. Also he portrays himself as an advocate for the lgbtq+ but he’s clearly not, that’s just a pose to be “controversial” for italian bigoted television and add a layer to his gayness, it’s pretty annoying.

  18. I think it was Giorgia Meloni (the far right politician) not Alessandra Mussolini, I remember because they were discussing the anti-homophobia law and Mussolini said on Instagram she is in favor of it while Giorgia Meloni is against it.

  19. Dont forget that all languages are spoken softly and german is always yelled and pronounced overly hard.

  20. Italian is pronounced with the stereotypical super mario accent and with a random hand gesture (usually 🤌 ) that has nothing to do with the word said

  21. That cathedral is not nearly as colourful as it used to be. Sun-bleached, I bet.

  22. Actually at the time it was very dirty because of the pollution. In the second picture it is white because of the cloudy weather, it gets more colourful when it is directly hit by the sun. Also the cathedral is made of marble (Candoglia marble, it can be pink, white and gray) and it’s at least 600 years old (constitution began in 1386) it doesn’t fade in 50 years

  23. Roma, l’ultima volta ci sono stato in gita nel 2016 e sono rimasto sorpreso soprattutto dall’organizzazione dei mezzi di trasporto e la metro era la peggiore che io avessi mai visto. La città era abbastanza sporca in generale e anche la gente che lavorava nei vari negozi/ristoranti/mezzi era abbastanza di cattivo umore e rude. Magari negli ultimi anni è migliorata.

  24. Le cose che per loro “tutto il resto” indossa non le vedo in giro dal 2016

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