1. Actually no they dont, they are topologically equivalent to a flat disc, which has Genus 0 (aka no holes) 🤓

  2. yea its like saying every chain linked fence has a hole in it, right? Like sure the thing is made of 'holes' but the actual fence structure doesnt have any irregular holes. Is this even a valid distinction im making?

  3. I had to double check what sub this was. I thought it was

  4. no way dude thats so crazy that you had to double check it hahaha life is so weird man

  5. “He refers to his neighbor Marshall Mathers(Eminem) who is also a famous rapper… … he jokes that their relationship is like a romantic comedy”

  6. He only likes songs written by Dr Seuss

  7. its funny you say that because they use their canines to show their dominance so basically you were seduced gg

  8. Intimidation isn’t the same thing as seduction??

  9. You think that lady monkey is gonna let the other scared monkeys give her the banana 🍌??

  10. Ive had this idea about a separate 3rd party site keeping track of all the comments on say Youtube or Reddit for example then when they get deleted on Youtube or Reddit people can go to this other site and read them. Does this already exist?

  11. Okay ben, i know youve worked here for 20 years and we have never given you a raise BUT we trust you with the harder tasks because we know you can get it done.

  12. I swear this is like a scene in the office or something lmfao

  13. It’s so hilarious to me that we’re impressed by this. Why? Robots doing repetitive tasks? Didn’t we already go through the industrial era? We have those.

  14. You realize art is open to interpretation, right? That’s especially true with rap lyrics. Lyrics can mean different things to different people, and Aes often raps about multiple themes at the same time. Idk why you gotta be such a snob. I’m pretty sure Aes would be stoked that people care enough to try and dissect his lyrics in the first place. Artistically speaking, it’s one of the best things any lyricist can hope for.

  15. You’re right it’s open to interpretation. That doesn’t mean every interpretation is equally convincing or valid though. You can have bad ideas, it’s possible. You can misunderstand what he said, it’s possible.

  16. He’s rhyming about talking on a radio. Radios garble and ping. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he knew that when he chose the word garbage. I may be wrong, sure. That goes without saying. You may be too. None of us are in his head. But to act like it’s the dumbest thing ever is a bit of an elitist douchebag move. We’re all here having friendly convos and discussing possible meanings of one of our favorite rappers and you’re doing nothing to contribute to the convo. All you’re doing is being condescending and shutting it down. If you’re such a genius why not simply state your interpretations like the rest of us instead of being a prick about it?

  17. You're right Im being a dick but I did post my interpretation in the very beginning.

  18. To have a 5bet bluff V has to have 4bet bluffs he’s bet folding or value hands he will fold e.g. jacks or tens or AQs. Typical low stakes players only 4bet AA/KK so you can’t 5bet bluff.

  19. maybe you cant read or something but he said it was sick so that doesnt matter dude /s

  20. And the picture is 25 years old too?

  21. I got it for 30 bucks but that was 5 months ago, maybe now it’s not worth?

  22. damn you did a really good job haha sounds almost identical

  23. If you would get 100x the money you bet on a horse in a race, those odds are high, right? The favourite would have much lower odds because it's predicted much higher probability to win. Low odds=higher probability something will happen.

  24. Poker player here. You’re totally right but the only problem is everyone and their mother uses this saying backwards. Low odds instinctively sounds like low chance and vice versa. Thanks for the fact tidbit I appreciate the reminder. Oh and good luck 🍀🤓😃

  25. top 10 hardest to understand maybe

  26. Nice, didn’t know this. Probably the reason why I’m not a winning player

  27. yep yep and also a 7 card straight beats a full house

  28. What about a 6 or 7 card flush

  29. Only thing better than that is if two players combine their cards to make a 9 card straight. The more players the better, up to a whopping 13 card straight. It’s possible

  30. asking for permission to masturbate to someones picture is weird. Absolutely cringe af. I could even see how it’s sexual harassment. Just do it and don’t tell anyone, it’s way better.

  31. I think it’s related to the Skinner box. The seemingly random moments of dopamine and the brilliant pattern-less display. All music has a pattern, sure, but he has predictability turned down to an absolute low. We don’t know when the next fix will come and that’s why we keep listening.

  32. in my eyes he took a hit for the team

  33. lmfao that was hilarious you actually kinda embodied his style

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