1. Sometimes I wonder..Am I the bad guy? Then I check the post history of people who leave angry comments and I feel better about myself.

  2. It says all of these things to some extent.

  3. Because they know what the Japanese/Chinese would have done to them if Europeans had stayed clear of Australia.

  4. TFW European colonization was actually the good ending.

  5. I believe the sky is blue. I believe the Earth is round. I believe the the cold isn’t hot.

  6. No. Bad leftist, murder of children is bad, they aren’t responsible for their parents actions.

  7. American Pro-Life Movement 🤝 Russian Whites

  8. I feel so bad for all those poor religious people who struggle with expressing their religion everyday 😩

  9. You mean like this story, where people are calling for someone to face severe consequences because they refuse to violate their religious beliefs?

  10. Violating your own religious beliefs by letting someone else exist peacefully must be so hard 🥺

  11. Who’s refusing to let people exist? He’s being pressured to violate his beliefs by wearing a shirt. Should we be threatening peoples livelihoods because they refuse to wear a shirt that violates their beliefs?

  12. I honestly think both Superman and Batman are pretty American characters.

  13. Isn’t Superman’s whole thing, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way?”

  14. "Industrial Society and Its Future" openly criticizes Leftists. It's really hard to pin down because it is a strange mix of LibCenter and AuthRight opinions.

  15. I think more work should be done considering how to incorporate the positive elements of Feudalism (duty, loyalty, and mutual responsibility) into Captialism. But I’m not a political philosopher so that’s not really something I’d be up for.

  16. Not much personality, and what she has is not very interesting. She's black and white. People are shades of grey. IMO, she's totally unrelateable.

  17. I mean, there are a lot of people who do actually try to live by a black and white moral code, though, and intend to stick to said code even when pressured to abandon it. In that regard I actually found her very relatable.

  18. The audience is conditioned to dislike Masters because she is a foil for House, a character we’ve already spent many seasons getting to know and appreciate. A lot of what makes House stand out and seem more interesting is against Masters’s ethical code.

  19. None of the above. I hold to Two Kingdom Theology

  20. How do you think they target kids? (I'm not disagreeing, just curious what you've noticed as far as marketing towards the young demographics)

  21. There have been examples of ads geared towards children, some of which I think have been shared here.

  22. Nine or ten. One of them is ambiguous. Another we know exactly when they married and when they… I don’t want to finish this sentence.

  23. There is a specific lumber related tool that I’m going to allude to but not directly mention because last time I did the Reddit mods flagged me.

  24. But not content aware like this. First "troll" was constantly misused. Is it now "bot"? A bot won't scan the words of an image and make some comment like that in order to fool people. It's way beyond what any AI can reliably do.

  25. You’d be surprise what an AI can come up with given enough input. If an AI had access to every post on this subreddit I could definitely see them making a comment like this on this post.

  26. Just let people get excited to explain things and be excited to learn them yourself. Stop trying to force gender politics into everything.

  27. Bro's a Sunday school teacher, it wouldn't be surprising if he had the same idea for a joke

  28. Theology student. When I first saw the original Tweet the first thing I thought was that it sounded like the Christian Gospel. So yeah, I expect that a lot of other deeply religious people had the same thought.

  29. As an American academic I will not tolerate this slander of the fine intellectual mind of the American hick.

  30. As an American academic hick I am thankful.

  31. The original post is on the Jacksonville subreddit but I cannot find an article

  32. I wouldn't put it past a redditor to photoshop that for karma. Especially if the Jacksonville subreddit is anything like other local subreddits I've seen.

  33. I thought the serpent and satan were different?

  34. Revelation refers to Satan as, "that ancient serpent." In addition, the Hebrew word Qasqasiim ("clothed in scales"), which is used in 1 Samuel to depict Goliath as being like the Serpent in the Garden (complete with death by head crushing; see Genesis 3:15) is also used to refer to Satan in Ezekiel. Speaking of the Protoevangelium, Romans 16:20 says, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet," which seems to directly tie Satan to Genesis 3:15. We also have the parallels between Adam's Temptation with Jesus's Temptation in the Wilderness, the latter of which Satan is the tempter, at least indicating some sort of typological relationship if not an identical one.

  35. Not far from it. Just 15 and 16.

  36. The fact that a human being has to tell you about atoms proves that there are no atoms.

  37. Everyone who conquers Persia eventually becomes a persiaphile

  38. IDK. I find it really hard to believe Khomeini liked Iran.

  39. I mean, we won in Pakistan and Libya, the Kosovo War, the Gulf War, the Invasion of Panama, the Invasion of Grenada, the Dominican Civil War, and arguably the Korean War (the initial war goals were achieved).

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