1. I’m going to check if it’s not a bother to her and not a danger to her job if she can give me a update on the baby because it’s was quite a bit ago. Let’s hope he and the other kids or teens, I’m not sure on ages, found somewhere safe! My fingers are crossed for everyone involved.

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for reminding me about this post! It feels so long ago. I don’t know how to update because I’m still new here but I’ll just use yours because like 4 people asked me and I hope they see it! But it definitely took a expected and sad turn. It’s going to get scrambled it’s literally so early here just bare with me please….. I ended up not meeting with the young mother. It just seemed so rushed and sudden. From what I do know from a close friend who works for our CPS where I’m from the baby did get turned over to the state… the mothers rights were terminated due to the nature of her case(found that out from young mother before I decided not to meet). The temporary foster mother he was placed with ended up loosing the 2 children she was looking after to child abuse when they went to check up on and get the baby(I wouldn’t have believed any of this if it didn’t come from her mouth it feels like a movie but for a lot of kids sadly it’s their reality). THANKFULLY the baby was only supposed there 24 hours because they caught the abuse(friend hinted at terrible things but couldn’t tell me much due to laws and not wanting to lose her job and said it unfortunately happens a lot but some fosters parents got good at teaching and hiding it, but they always try to catch it)! So from what I know now the baby is being housed by different foster families until he can either get adopted or find a stable not overcrowded foster home. That’s all I know and that was a bit ago it feels like. I wasn’t supposed to get that much information but again my friend is pretty high up in her field. As for my mom(here goes) she has been guilt tripping me saying if something happens to him in this crappy system it’s my fault and how ungrateful I am and how basically I don’t want to be a mother that bad because I could save him and little things here and there. It’s how she is and over the years I just tune her out. (Therapy is awesome)That’s all I really have for an update.

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