1. I’m not even an AMT fan but it’s pretty telling that you spend so much time on subreddits that are devoted to viciously snarking on other women. That is such a revealing pastime—a dark soul :/

  2. one must have a hobby. I used to enjoy seducing women's husbands. just for sport -- I didn't ever fuck them. catch and release (Olivia got sloppy...)

  3. Yawn. Yes, your insecurity is very edgy, congrats.

  4. This is what makes me inclined to believe Meghan when she said she didn't Google him... Maybe her friends told her not to, just to lie back and think of Montecito.

  5. My favorite goop story is the woman who sued because she burned her vagine TWICE. that she burned herself the first time and did it again...

  6. Not everything is pseudo-spiritual/scientific. I love the Goop scalp scrub, bath salt and face oil. Her blog also introduced me to Kosas and other makeup brands. Gwyneth rode the vegan-organic wave by touting various beauty and body products. She also has the beige-taupe au-natural aesthetic and juxtaposes natural wood with ‘real’ Carrara marble from Verona. It’s clearly evident that Meghan is copying her but doesn’t have the 💰 to actually live and style in the same ways. Compare their homes in Montecito. Incomparable! G’s is lux shashtoosh boho heaven; whereas, M’s is branded mass-market wannabe situation. And it’s equally evident that she won’t be able to reach the snake-oily heights of Goop. Not ever. As ever. 🤣 My friend went to the same school as G in NYC and still remembers her vividly despite being a few years younger. G has the aspirational IT girl energy that M lacks and has always coveted. But the biggest difference between G and M is that the former has a strong group of ryde-die girlfriends and that latter goes thru them like fashion seasons. Mark my words - Tig won’t go anywhere.

  7. it's always been weird to me that they choose such a dated style of house. you'd think they would have gone for something more chic.

  8. i love her work but i side eye every time she talks about being a small artist just trying to make a living because she certainly didn’t walk away from her divorce with nothing.

  9. I’m 100% sure the infrastructure refurb was at the Crowns or Charles’ cost. Not Harkles they paid for decorations and redesign of interior bits.

  10. The renovations needed were quite extensive total electrical re wire, heating and plumbing updated and some pretty expensive structural repairs. It was in pretty poor condition by the sounds of it. Renovating old homes is costly. They spent over 4 million on apartment 1A @ Kensington Palace as a comparison. I’m guessing if the Sussexes had decided to hang around they wouldn’t have been asked to repay but turned out they only lived there 6 months after all that public money spent. I’m not surprised the British public were pissed.

  11. Yeah, I was going to say that I know W&C spent more on 1A. But one assumes it's got priceless and ornate finishes that need to be restored etc.

  12. I don't disagree with you. BUT (sorry) I have children too. And I can imagine that if I saw my son in a destructive, manipulative relationship, I'd leave not just a door, but all the doors open. Allegedly, Charles (and many other family members) didn't think the marriage would last 5 years. And not because they thought Harry would leave her.

  13. I would have. Until the book. Now he's a 40-year-old man who needs to lay in the bed he made...

  14. She's getting $10k a month in child support for the next 18 years so there's a limit to my sympathy

  15. I honestly think the announcement of Edward being named DoE steals their thunder.

  16. That's what I said -- the palace announced it today to bring the focus back to the senior, working members of the royal family.

  17. I thought Beatrice had the MOST beautiful and charming wedding…it was magical, from the photos…

  18. But is it scheming? This is not new. She has wanted titles for the kids since birth. The palace is aware of their wants from day 1. So she went ahead and did it. Why does that change anything? Archie was christened properly and he’s no Prince.

  19. IT DOES. One of those big fluffy miserable cats that gets entered into competitions.

  20. Let’s see what Tyler Perry does if Lilibet goes through a wild, rebellious teenage stage where she wants to do drugs, bash her parents in public and attempt to sleep with multiple people to get ahead.

  21. Harry is for sure one of those parents who would do LSD with their teenagers if they wanted to try it.

  22. Can we talk about how the Archbishop of Los Angeles used to be a newspaper reporter??!

  23. You just know they invited them by text half an hour before the ceremony so they could say 'we invited them but they didn't attend'

  24. This may be an unpopular opinion, but Harry is a grown adult man and he was so before he ever met MM and her mother. He is more than capable of saying no.

  25. How do we know this is D's church? never heard it before...

  26. I think Doria is a willing criminal accomplice. She, too, lacks scruples, and happily covers up the bizarre lack of children in the Harkle's life. I think she may also participate in a money laundering scheme. She is a creepy woman with a demented, sh*t-eating grin; she gives off evil vibes.

  27. There's something going on... Gonna drop a post about it later but need to do research first.

  28. Doria was not an active part of Meggy’s life for many years in her childhood. I imagine that was painful and difficult for her. Perhaps Doria feels some guilt… if not, she possibly should? I’m just guessing those two have a complicated relationship.

  29. That's why it's so curious that Meghan has kept her so close. Is it a 'you didn't do that then for me so you will do this now for me' thing?

  30. He also needs to stop pretending that anyone has access to it in England. It's a five-month wait for an NHS group online CBT workshop. And if you can afford to go private -- few therapists have any availability and a private psychiatrist costs £450 an hour.

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