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  1. So how would you fuck it if your a chick?

  2. Every way I could, first my tongue and fingers, I’d rub her like I love to be rubbed, I’d lick her how I like to be flicked by a tongue. Then insertion as tongue is going, one finger and a tongue will go a long way. I personally like to test limits, she may not

  3. Mmm I love it when someone watches us cook, even better when they lick the spoons

  4. Mommy needs a daughter whom needs to nurse, all the fucking time with those

  5. Yum, lucky girlie, I need a table in my life lol. The way he drips for you ohmygosh I want that all over me

  6. I need to have a man let me do that, but I’d have my tongue and face ready

  7. I think it’s way too small, best just to take it off and have my lips covering you

  8. Would love to handle you with that, then after you cum all over it shove it deep in my pussy

  9. Damn girlie we need to be friends, I want to try literally everything including you lol

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